World breakdance competition returns to Denver

After a hiatus of seven years, Code Red Bull BC One City returns to Denver today, May 28, and dancers from across the region will compete in the Individual Breakdance Qualifying Competition at sculpture park at Denver Performing Arts Complex.

Admission to the action is free. The contest will be hosted by Ivan the Urban Action Figure, with DJ AL spinning breakbeats; Break icons Neguin, Ian Flaws and B-Girl Bonita will serve as judges. Today’s top two B-Boys and top two B-Girls will advance to the Cypher Quarter-Finals in Philadelphia on July 23.

ian faults is the founder and owner of Bboy FactoryDenver’s first breakin’ dance studio, which he opened in 2012. “I want to see athletics,” he says. “I want to see musicality. I want to see technique and fundamentals that show a real understanding of dance. I’m also looking for individual contributions. Something that makes each competitor unique in their own style.”

Flaws has taught in Korea, Cambodia, Morocco and Bhutan; he studied extensively with the legendary Korean Bboys Born and Physicx of Rivers Crewand volunteer with tiny toons in Cambodia, a non-profit organization that uses hip-hop to empower at-risk youth. “A lot of people think it’s [breakin’ dancing] is a lot of stuff. But there are a lot of little details, a lot of story, and a lot of fundamental foundations that dancers have to learn to build at these higher levels of movement,” he explains. “There is the interpretation of the music and the relationship between the music and the dancer.”

And there is the consumer lifestyle.

“I always tell my students that while they’re at home playing video games, their competition is practicing. It’s like anything else: the more you do it, the better you are. The more you commit and the more seriously you take it, the better off you will be.”

Flaws teaches everyone from preschoolers to college dance students, detention center youth and Denver Public School students. He is also the head coach of the Bboy Factory and produces events including Bboy Factory Anniversary Jams and two first breakin conventions at the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

“Events like this give visibility to the general public,” he notes. “But they also provide a platform for dancers to showcase their art and have real performance opportunities to see a path to a lasting career or profession as a dancer.”

Doors open at 11 a.m. Saturday, May 28 for the Red Bull BC One City Cypher
at Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex; competition begins at noon, with the main event at 2 p.m. Free entry ; find out more here.

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