What is Web 3.0 and could it really change the Internet forever?

The next version of the internet could enable new features like decentralized content, AI processes, and Metaverse activation. But will it ever happen?

Web 3.0 is a proposed third iteration of the the Internet this promises to activate a whole host of features, which more often than not can decentralize the control of internet content. As the blockchain has been doing for some time, Web 3.0 is creating quite a stir, leaving many people scratching their heads to figure out what it is. Like any other type of technology, the Internet landscape is constantly changing to meet the increasing demands of society. Staying informed and educated about the future of the Internet will save users a digital boost from the changes brought about by Web 3.0 – if it really becomes a thing.


As the name suggests, there have been two versions of computing on the Internet, gradually adding more and more Internet services that open new digital doors. Web 1.0 was the initial phase of the World Wide Web that featured information, but it was limited in capacity, awkward to maneuver, and didn’t offer many ways to monetize content. Web 2.0 has improved upon its predecessor by sorting information on websites (thanks Google!), Allowing information to flow freely from site owner to user, and introducing tools for users to generate content. Many people are now calling for a new generation of the web that will tackle the internet vulnerabilities that the last generation is pointing out.

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Web 3.0 is heavily promoted because the content creators are outraged that only a few large companies own most of the websites, and they want a way to take back the power. News feeds are rife with stories that big social media entities like Twitter are reaping all the rewards of content generation. Technocrats are calling for a new blockchain-built edition of the web that will hopefully make content creators own their content and allow them to monetize it accordingly. Rather than a company receiving royalties on content, Web 3.0 would award each content creator a token on the blockchain every time a user accessed their content, which would build up tangible monetary value.

Decentralized Web 3.0 via blockchain

Despite tons of hype and many investors who got rich thanks to crypto, it’s unclear when blockchain will integrate so deeply into technology. Adoption has been slow in all sectors as the governing bodies determine the best way to regulate blockchain. As a result, content creators may wait a while before receiving blockchain tokens on Web 3.0. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen or that Web 3.0 won’t include some other method of decentralizing content.

Web 3.0 is said to hopefully include other great features, like the integration of AI into internet processing that mimics the way humans distinguish information. Web 3.0 has the potential to validate information quickly and deliver it to users more quickly. The new internet version can also work well with the new metaverse promoted by tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google. Web 3.0 can enable 3D website designs and can also integrate IoT devices at its edge.

Apart from the tech evangelists shouting all over the internet about Web 3.0, the proposed new internet version has naysayers who attribute it all to “vaporware.” There is no hard evidence to back up anything on Web 3.0, as there is currently no beta in progress, just a bunch of brainstorming and current investments to obtain a web 3.0 project from the ground. Still, it is not difficult to remain a believer, for there were people who scoffed at the idea of the Internet during the introduction of Web 1.0. There are still plenty of reasons to hope that one day the world will turn into a content utopia that fairly pays users.

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