What is the twisted energy to raise Dion?

The twisted energy in “Raising Dion” is an evil entity that can possess both powered and unpowered people. In Season 1, he possesses Pat in Iceland, though he walks away from the aurora incident without abilities. However, the incident leaves him feeling unhealthy and dying. When his girlfriend Kerry (Ariana Guerra) breaks up with him, accidentally setting her hand on fire with her pyrokinesis powers, the twisted man shows up, kills her, and absorbs her energy. Upon realizing that his death restored him, at least temporarily, Pat begins to seek out and kill other superpowered people.

In the end, Dion uses his powers to defeat Pat and the twisted energy, proving he is parasitic in nature. Actor Jason Ritter said TV Insider“The interesting thing about Pat and the twisted man is that it wasn’t like Pat was a perfect guy and the twisted energy made him awful. Granted, he did a lot of things to feed that energy, but Pat has a lot of his own issues and his anger and a bit of a superiority complex How many of these character flaws did the twisted energy poison him, or how many of that is just Pat, who’s always been a little jealous of his friend, Mark Warren?”

In the second season, it is revealed that twisted energy can also inhabit a motorized person – Brayden. Like Dion, Brayden inherits abilities from his father, Walter (Marc Menchaca), who is also present at the Aurora event. As a young child, Brayden watches the twisted man murder his father, leaving him feeling abandoned, scared, and vengeful. After Dion defeats the Crooked Man in Season 1, the Crooked Energy possesses Brayden, sending him to Atlanta to get revenge on Dion.

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