[Updated] Grab the Latest Chromebook Wallpapers

Want the latest Chrome OS wallpapers for your device? Google continues to provide users with an abundance of creative, beautiful, and interesting pieces, and while these are available directly through the built-in personalization application which can be found by right-clicking on the “desktop” and choosing “Customize”, or “Set Wallpaper”, we will endeavor to provide them here sooner than usual whenever they are updated with a new collection or piece.

Instead of opting for a zip download or separate zip files, we’re dumping them all into a Google Photos album so you and your loved ones can quickly access them and choose between them visually before deciding what you want to take for yourself!

As usual, all wallpapers found here belong to their respective creators, and we’ll keep a log below with each update to thank the creative people who gave their time and care to give us everyone something amazing to watch while we use our Chromebooks. Enjoy!


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Update – February 9, 2022: Google added a new Heritage wallpaper by Arturo Torres called “Juega, chamaco, Juega”. Arturo says one of his greatest honors being a father is seeing how his children see the world from his perspective. It reminds her to let her inner child out and play or create and helps her stay inspired to illustrate! It became a Chrome theme in September. Arturo is a visual artist who lives and works in Dallas, Texas. He worked with an author named Shea Serrano on three New York Times bestselling books adding illustrations for flair.

Many wallpapers in the Heritage Collection celebrate Latin concepts of family, connection, belonging and fun. You can read each individual artist’s purpose for the work under their description in the online store, as well as get a link to their other works. So far I like some of the comic style illustrations. In particular, I like ‘Ball Don’t Lie’, ‘Mira! Let’s Go’ and ‘Ni de aqui, ni de alla’ – the latter a reminder that while Mexican Americans struggle with a sense of belonging to one side or the other, they truly belong to both and are d all the more beautiful for this!


Update 05/12/21: Google has added new wallpapers for your Chromebook that celebrate cultural diversity. The new “Togetherness” collection features works by Sabrena Khadija, Meech Boakye and Aurélia Durand.

Togetherness was created to celebrate cultural diversity by blending self-expression with bright colors, floral patterns and bright colors. Each image shows people connecting in a meaningful way or an individual taking time alone – something essential for personal growth. You have to recharge yourself from time to time to be better at “Togetherness”, right?

Anna’s Garden – Floral

“Floral” was created by Anna Kövecses, a Hungarian-born artist who lives in Cyprus. His 11 creations were made exclusively for the Pixelbook Go when it was first released. She uses pastels and oil paints with bright colors and simple shapes based on nature to mimic that of a children’s storybook, bringing out the child in you, whatever your age!


Update: Google has added several new designs to its wallpaper manager in Chrome OS under the “Fantasy” category. These designs were made by creative designer Leo Natsume using programs such as Blender 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Leo lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil and has used his unique 3D plasticine and paper-style look for advertising campaigns in partnership with major companies like Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. Here’s a sample of his work, but you can get all new wallpapers for your Chromebook by using the blue button below!


Update – February 9, 2022: Google has added four new Elements wallpapers. You can now select a blue, green, red or yellow fluid pattern for dark mode on your device! The light mode version of each of these already existed in the wallpaper picker, but they added too much contrast and brightness to the dark mode now available on Chrome OS.

The Elements Collection by Rutger Paulusse is also one of my favorite designs and seems like a mix of abstract hard candy and smoke or liquid, very pleasing to the eye.

Made of canvas

Made by Canvas was created by Russ Gray and Hedof using Google’s Chrome Canvas drawing web application. I tried Canvas but was pretty bad.


The Collage collection was created by Matthew Hollister, an illustrator working in Seattle, WA. It features a blend of abstract patterns with color schemes often found in nature that are harmonious and pleasing to the eye.


Jerimiah Shaw is responsible for these incredibly creative and abstract 3D illustrations. He is an artist/designer based in San Francisco, CA and also creates animation and product designs. Many of her creations are inspired by physical materials like clay, candies, paper, nature and even yogurt!


Relaxing, holiday-inspired images created with simple, flat shapes. Designed by artist Min Heo, a freelance illustrator who also lives in the Bay Area, CA. She has worked with clients like Cartoon Network, Bloomberg, Chobani, The New York Times, Vogue and many more besides Google.

dessert time

A cloud of raining cotton candy, a stack of sweet and sticky pancakes with a grapefruit on top, and perfectly deconstructed and lined up candies that please my OCD every time I look at them, these wallpapers are for those who have a sweet tooth and want to visually feast without the calories.


A set of soft spheres, and other shapes that calmly blend into each other with pastel colors. The “Colors” collection is a great distraction-free setup for anyone who wants minimalism but doesn’t want to go with plain Jane solids.


These were the first “kid-centric” wallpapers that were added when supervised accounts could be logged in on Chromebooks. Young kids will love the space, ocean, and animal forest wallpapers, but our favorite from Chrome Unboxed is, of course, “T.rex on the Run.”


One of the first collections available on the modern Chrome operating system, these works of art are varied and interesting. Choose from several abstract pieces, as well as surreal landscapes like a tiger in a boat, a floating house, several astral fantasy landscapes, and more.

solid colors

A set of basic colors are offered for minimalists who prefer a simple, distraction-free background while they work! Choose from multiple shades of purple, blue, orange, pink, and more, plus a basic black, white, and gray.

Legacy Wallpapers

Want the first Chrome OS wallpapers since the OS launched? These continue to be some of my favorites to choose from. A magnificent fox, falcon, aurora borealis, airport terminal and more – step back in time with these stunningly beautiful originals.

Default Wallpapers

The default wallpapers for Chrome OS are a little weird, but worth using once in a while. The gray Guest Mode piece is particularly one of my favorites.


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