[U] How to Make Google Tasks Appear Out of Gmail and Use It as a Standalone Web App

Updated link: Try clicking this link to access Google Tasks as a separate website instead!

I love Google Tasks. Even though its identity has effectively been split between two different task management systems – one in Google Chat and the other remaining traditionally named with just a new logo and a few new features, it’s still a fantastic way to get quick notes. all you need remember.

In fact, the combination of Tasks, Keep, and Calendar has become my modern Bullet Journal, replacing my own analog productivity system. I guess I’m at this millennial point, but while paper is still special to me, I can’t come to terms with its lack of fluidity.

While I love using Google Chat’s new Tasks system with my family to get things done together, it’s still not perfect, and sometimes the original Google Tasks are the way to go. Also, it’s kind of integrated with it, but not in separate lists – only in the main list. For this reason, I often find myself opening the Gmail sidebar to check and manage my tasks.

Unfortunately, there’s only one huge and glaring problem with this sidebar, and that’s the sidebar itself. That’s handy when you’re trying to drag and drop emails to create tasks or to manage your tasks, calendar events, or notes next to your new Gmail items, but what about times when you want just view your Google Tasks by themselves?

Most people think that’s not possible anymore, and while it might seem like a relatively simple thing to write, Google just doesn’t do it. You can actually use Google Tasks as its own standalone web app, and you can even turn it into its own app icon on your Chromebook or desktop for easier access.

To get started, simply type the following into the Chrome Omnibox: https://tasks.google.com/embed/list/~default, or click on the link above. For some reason, typing in https://tasks.google.com doesn’t work until the first URL is in your cache, and only on Windows PCs for me. On my Chromebook I had to use the embed url to pull it in because entering the direct link gave a 404 error, but after turning it into an icon using the embed it worked perfectly worked.

It has added landscape support to its Google Play app version of Tasks in the past, but navigating with a mouse or installing it on slower Chromebooks doesn’t always provide a great experience. Also, some people completely disable the Play Store to save RAM and storage. Access to tasks on the web is therefore the only solution. I would say that is the best solution. Web apps are the future, and a standalone Tasks web app is fast, has the new Workspace logo, a nice blue top bar, and can be snapped to the left or right of your window to reduce its white space.

You can just use TaskBoard or Fullscreen for Google Tasks, but I prefer the vanilla experience, to be honest. I wish the company would just merge tasks with tasks in chat, but for some reason these two systems remain separate – something Google excels at. Let me know in the comments if you find it easier for you to use the web app instead of having all your productivity relegated to the right side of Gmail in such a small space. I really don’t know why such a great app is hiding in the Google Workspace system via Gmail, but having it accessible on its own is a big plus in my opinion.

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