Twitter update: Twitter’s content warning feature lets users avoid posts they don’t want to see

Twitter’s content warning feature is finally here. The social media giant has been testing the feature for over a year. Twitter is definitely a place to delve into endless information about the world. However, the risk of sensitive information reaching unsuspecting users is one of the downsides.

The social media giant has released a new feature that will allow users to report images, videos or tweets for violence, nudity and sensitive content. The new feature is available on Twitter’s Android and iOS apps, as well as its web app.

How to use the new feature:

  • Upload a photo or video
  • Press edit
  • Tap the flag icon that will appear at the bottom
  • Three categories, Nudity, Violence and Sensitive will be visible.
  • Users can tag multiple categories for individual media

“Select a category and we’ll put a content warning on that Tweet. This helps people avoid content they don’t want to see,” a message that appears in the Content Warning section above the categories

Users can add a disclaimer on an image or video in a tweet. However, in the case of two images or videos in the same Tweet, Twitter places a single disclaimer on both.

In order to display the content with a warning, users need to click “Show” to view the media as in the previous system. However, according to The Verge, the warning is absent from embedded tweets or apps like TweetDeck.

Twitter started working on the feature a year ago. He had announced that the new feature will allow users to add specific content warnings to individual images and videos.

In the initial phase, Twitter said the new feature would be available to select users during testing.

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