Truth? Security? Freedom? Something has gone terribly wrong

When we make important decisions about what drug we are going to inject into our bodies, we consider factors such as safety and effectiveness, potential side effects, risk versus benefit, and the integrity of the manufacturer we are dealing with. let us finally entrust our lives. It’s a big decision because we only get one body.

The things that have happened over the past two years make me wonder, how did we get here? This is a question I often face in these times of intense emotions and opinions.

Australia’s series of unfortunate events went something like this:

A fear campaign has exaggerated the perception of the ‘risk’ of Covid infection. In particular, the message perpetuated the idea that the risk of death was equal across the population, rather than heavily weighted towards the elderly, obese or seriously ill – as medical authorities knew early on. Teenagers, for example, have vastly overestimated their risk of death in surveys. Those who remained skeptical were accused of “not doing the right thing” and labeled as selfish, right wing, conspiracy theorists or fanatics.

With fear ingrained, Covid has been classified as a health emergency. This allowed a sense of “urgency” to rush through many things that were once legislated with minimal safety restrictions. Prime ministers have expanded their powers. Slogans were repeated endlessly in the press, such as “safe and effective” to the point of propaganda rather than medical advice.

Ultimately, this facilitated the mandatory sale of a product that did not receive the scrutiny it should have.

So ! Mass formation psychosis ensued. The big cats of the world got bigger and the rich got richer.

In the years following the thalidomide disaster in the 1960s, the pharmaceutical industry was rigorous in safety testing which was costly and took more than a decade. Within weeks, not decades, the Covid vaccines were ready to be administered.

The Australian Department of Health provided the following explanation: “The urgency of the global pandemic means that researchers and developers are prioritizing progress in Covid vaccines. This has enabled countries to deliver safe and effective vaccines faster than in the past.

Despite previous unsuccessful attempts to develop vaccines for SARS-1 and MERS, we have been led to believe that by simply declaring an emergency, these technical difficulties have been overcome without sharing trial details.

When Covid hit, the whole world followed China’s lead and locked itself in, leaving a Covid vaccine as the only political option out of this mess. No alternative political or medical options were allowed thanks to the complete collapse of the separation between academia, media, pharmaceutical companies, industry regulators and government.

The stage was set for the mass rollout of vaccination and people were ready to accept it at face value.

“Stop the spread! and “Protect others!” cried the experts.

At the start of Covid, the public felt that these were valid claims. We did not know that vaccine trials were not testing efficacy against the spread and infection of SARS-COV-2 (BMJ, Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we need to have raw data, now). They still aren’t.

Regulators, government and the media have let us down by not subjecting these claims to hard questions and yet we are constantly expected to “trust the system”.

“The System” includes journalists like MSNBC Rachel Maddow who told the world, “Now we know vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person… A vaccinated person is exposed to the virus, the virus does not infect him, then the virus cannot use that person to go elsewhere. He cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to fetch more people.

It’s a classic example of mainstream misinformation that hasn’t been retracted.

It is no wonder that so many people have begun to research and engage in critical analysis. In the end, there were not enough people willing to investigate the media claims and as a result, we stare into an eternal abyss where our lives will be ruled by neo-Marxist elites and agendas. People were too scared, too gullible, too confident and too complacent. This has been called “the great reset” by the World Economic Forum.

Further proof that we’re moving into an ideological “great reset” is the federal government’s ten-year, multi-billion dollar deal with Moderna to build the Southern Hemisphere’s first mRNA manufacturing facility in – where else? another – but the world capital of the crazy Covid, Victoria.

What is mRNA and should you be concerned? the Age reported in April 2021 that “mRNA is designed to naturally self-destruct within hours, ensuring that the genetic code does not stick around and cause problems”.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website says mRNA and the spike protein it produces in Covid vaccines to create an immune response “don’t last long in the body” and that “our cells break down the mRNA and get rid of it within a few days after vaccination”.

However, a new peer-reviewed study by researchers at Stanford University found that the spike protein created by Covid vaccines stays in the body much longer than expected and at higher levels than critically ill Covid patients. The protein has been found in the body for 60 days, so we know it will last at least that long.

Dr. Robert Malone states, “This study affirms that mRNA and the spike protein produced persist for weeks in the germinal centers of lymph nodes in human patients.” He goes on to point out that “mRNA that is not incorporated into cells at the injection site migrates to the lymph nodes (and throughout the body, as Pfizer nonclinical data suggests?) and continues to express proteins there.

This was not readily disclosed to the public, who might have felt differently about mRNA vaccines had they known about them.

It is reasonable to expect that vaccines intended for global distribution will have outstanding safety data, as citizens are urged to place full trust in manufacturers and regulators. After all, these vaccines, which are unlike any traditional vaccine used before in populations and with known side effects, are a crucial factor in the decision-making process. As the truth slowly surfaces, we discover more about the security data. Pfizer’s attempt to delay safety trial data for 75 years has been thrown out by a US court.

According to former pharmaceutical researcher Dr. John D. Flack, “The side effect reporting systems in the US and UK show unequivocally that these vaccines have adverse effects an order of magnitude greater than those of conventional vaccines.”

Despite this, people persist with the uptake and are eager to inject their children.

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts recently led the COVID questioned: a multi-stakeholder survey. Conducted on March 23, 2022 in collaboration with other deputies and senators. The panel heard from doctors, vaccine injury victims, economists and everyday people.

In his recent speech to the Senate, Senator Roberts revealed important findings from this investigation and began by naming some of the Australians who have been affected by vaccines, such as Georgia Gotze. There are many tragic stories. Of the 800 reported deaths from the vaccine, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has dismissed 98%.

The TGA, ATAGI and Ahpra have let us down and, as Senator Roberts says, ‘this unprecedented betrayal of the Australian people must be referred immediately to a Royal Commission’.

Authorities have assured us that regulators here in Australia have done their due diligence and thoroughly assessed vaccines before granting interim use.

The Australian government website states that “Australia has carried out a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of the Pfizer (Comirnaty) and AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria) vaccines”.

Senator Malcolm Roberts points out in his speech that ATAGI never bothered to ask for the data that has now been revealed by Pfizer’s release documents.

“No independent analysis of the fundamental issues surrounding new mRNA vaccines has been conducted in Australia – none in Australia! Instead, the secretary took Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna at their word.

As for data from Moderna and AstraZeneca, we won’t see that any time soon. According to the British Medical Journal, “lack of access to data is constant for all vaccine manufacturers”. And that’s a worrying sign. The only option, it seems, is to blindly trust Big Pharma.

According to British medical journal“The Covid pandemic has created many new pharmaceutical billionaires, and vaccine makers have brought in tens of billions in revenue.”

Senator Gerard Rennick has written to the Prime Minister asking the government to stop the deployment of children under 18 after serious incidents were discovered. His pleas fell on deaf ears.

The Australian Vaccine Network has brought an application for judicial review in the Federal Court of Australia against the Health Secretary. The AVN wants the vaccine rollout suspended or canceled. According to former barrister Julian Gillespie, author of the original opinion and memorandum, “Over the past few decades, an average of 2.4 people have died and approximately 3,500 injuries have been reported every 12 months due to all conventional vaccines authorized… Yet in less than 12 months since Covid injections began, 755 dead and 104,236 injured have been reported.’

The World Health Organization has launched an action to establish a global treaty on the pandemic to deal with future outbreaks. According to the World Health Council, “the agreement proposed by the WHO is unnecessary and constitutes a threat to sovereignty and inalienable rights. It increases the WHO suffocating power declaring pandemics unwarranted, imposing dehumanizing lockdowns, and imposing costly, dangerous and ineffective treatments against the will of the people.

This is the latest development in global efforts to impose the elite health agenda on those who will not be consulted in the process. The deal is expected to be confirmed at the WHO’s World Health Assembly in 2024, but WCH says it’s likely to happen much sooner.

If there is hope for the future, it rests with the people relentlessly fighting the good fight, determined to see justice and the restoration of a strong, proud, and free Western civilization. There’s a hell of a fight ahead.

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