Thorns & Roses: Race for Thomas Massie seat gets weird

ABSURD: George Foking Washington for Congress

If you think U.S. Representative Thomas Massie — who recently tweeted a quote from a neo-Nazi claiming it was Voltaire — is the weirdest person running for Kentucky’s 4th District, you’re wrong. Earlier this month, Alyssa Dara McDowell – who is best known for rushing the stage at a GOP watch party to falsely tell the crowd that Matt Bevin had been elected governor before being escorted out – s is presented to run for the seat. Then, last week, George Foking Washington officially entered the royal rumble of the siege. Washington’s campaign website is called and features a series of goofy YouTube videos, including one in which he pours what appears to be urine on the Capitol building. He also compared the news media to a condom with a hole in it. Charmed, we’re sure.

ABSURD: Dude Bros Do Derby NFT

Kentucky is over 2,000 miles from Silicon Valley, but even we’re not immune to the obnoxious tech bros. A group of local entrepreneurs have teamed up to create a collection of Derby horse-themed NFTs, which if you don’t know are “exclusive” digital art you can’t do big with – anything other than bragging about having it. Admirably, Party Horses LLC tries to combat the inherent futility of an NFT by throwing in real-life items and experiences like a Derby party. Now that we think about it, it’s not such a bad idea to group all the bitcoin buddies in one space so that us normal people can enjoy the first Saturday of May without hearing about Elon’s latest silly tweet. Musk.

SPIKED: Bad teacher ≠ good politician

Welcome to 2022, when a scandal is not an opportunity to think about wrongdoing, but a great opportunity to run for office. William Bennett, the Marion C. Moore school teacher fired for fighting a student last August, is now running for a seat at State House in Elizabethtown. Tell us, did he show the required level-headedness in a leader when he pinned down a 16-year-old JCPS student and pulled his hair during a confrontation?

PINK: Reviving human decency

Clark Memorial Hospital in Jeffersonville is now the site of a free 24/7 naloxone vending machine. Turns out it’s one of 19 that will be deployed across the state. in prisons and medical sites thanks, in part, to the state government. We love to see innovative, humane responses to the opioid crisis. Safe injection sites would be a great next step.

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