The ezeep JavaScript library comes from ThinPrint

ezeep by ThinPrint announced the release of ezeep.js, a new JavaScript library that allows web developers to easily add printing capabilities to any web application in just a few steps.

“Desktop apps are being replaced by cloud-based web apps, and users are accessing them from all sorts of devices, smartphones, Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, etc. As a result, more users need to print documents from web apps and ezeep.js is exactly what the wider development community needs to enable secure and efficient printing in the easiest way possible,” said Bernd Trappe, CTO , ThinPrint.

ThinPrint’s ezeep JavaScript library

ezeep.js is an out-of-the-box solution that can be easily plugged into web applications so users can instantly print documents. With ezeep.js, the backend of the web application passes the data to be printed directly to ezeep Blue Cloud, which outputs the document securely to any printer available in the customer’s account. Therefore, the user does not have to download the documents first, which not only ensures greater efficiency, but also ensures that sensitive documents are not saved on the local, potentially insecure, device of the user.

Although developers still have the option of using the already available ezeep Blue API, with ezeep.js they benefit from a much easier and faster implementation because steps such as creating a dialog printing or managing user accounts is not required. ezeep.js is a fully plug-and-play implementation of printing.

Web application developers who need print support can save a lot of time by simply adding the JavaScript library provided on ezeep’s GitHub page into their application.

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