Stadia’s iOS web app supports Direct Touch gameplay


Direct Touch brought the ability to directly touch your device’s screen to affect gaming in Stadia earlier this year on Android. Today on the Stadia community blog, Google announced that this feature is now available on iOS through the Stadia web app.

Direct touch allows players to control the game by tapping, dragging and pinching the screen. Try it now in HUMANITY where you can create your own civilization just using your fingers.

Stadia Community Blog

For those who don’t know, iOS users will need to visit Stadia on the web through their browser and then create a shortcut using the menu settings. This will place Stadia on your home screen for quick access and it will be presented to you as an app. The only difference here is that it is now an app powered by web technology instead of being packaged and downloaded locally!

The reason for this update is that the company has promised to bring HUMANKIND (a game that most directly rivals Sid Meier’s Civilization VI) with its touch-enabled gameplay to the Apple ecosystem. Keeping that promise, access to Direct Touch is already rolled out – no wait is necessary.

While this feature will be compatible with other titles in the future, it currently only works or is required only with HUMANKIND due to the developer’s implementation. When more and more creators choose to incorporate the touch into their works, you will now be able to experience it at launch on all platforms, without compromise!


I still think Google should start porting Google Play and Play Pass games to Stadia, because that makes a lot of sense to me. There are thousands of titles that gamers would benefit from playing without clogging up the storage space on their phones or Chromebooks, and if the company isn’t already planning this behind the scenes, they’re missing out on an opportunity to push mobile gaming. in the future.

Of course, we would still need the ability to download games for various reasons, but music, movies, books, and any other form of entertainment can now be streamed, so for me it makes sense that games – beyond AAA quality those – should follow suit.

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