Six menopause clinics will be created as part of the women’s health plan

Six menopause clinics, four postnatal centers and expanded endometriosis services are pledged by the government to bolster women’s health services.

The Health Service Executive said injecting €2.5 million into the Women’s Health Action Plan would make a difference across the country.

Cliona Murphy, clinical manager of the National Women’s and Infants’ Health Program at the HSE, said she had been encouraged to “be ambitious in our work” on women’s health.

“Being able mid-year through this allocation to expand and accelerate our already ambitious program of work is truly satisfying because we know firsthand the difference this will make in the lives of women across the board. the country,” she said. .

Under the expanded proposals, six specialist menopause clinics are to be set up nationwide this year, instead of the four originally planned in the plan.

Four community postnatal centres, instead of two, will be set up.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said the women had made it clear that postnatal support needed to be improved.

“Too many women have felt unsupported, isolated and overwhelmed after the birth of their babies,” he said.

“I am delighted that as a result of today’s decisions, we will now have four postnatal centers operating nationwide to support women in areas such as breastfeeding, birth recovery and depression. postnatal.”

Social workers

In addition, six hospital teams involved in the “holistic treatment” of endometriosis will be added to two “supraregional specialized centers for complex management” of the disease.

The Government has also pledged to recruit six medical-social workers to focus on women from marginalized groups in maternity wards.

The health action plan was launched last month.

It was developed by the Department of Health, the HSE, the National Women’s and Infants’ Health Programme, the European Institute for Women’s Health, the Irish College of General Practitioners and the National Women’s Council of Ireland .

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