See the nursing shortage from a student’s perspective

In summary

The pandemic has shown the many flaws in our healthcare system and why hospitals are understaffed.

By Briana Daoust, San Diego

Briana Daoust is a nursing student at California State University San Marcos.

Re “California nursing shortages reaching critical point”; Coronavirus, August 26, 2021

I worked as a certified nursing assistant and attended nursing school throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

It seems that every hospital is understaffed and patient safety is threatened. Medical errors occur when staff are fatigued, stressed, and outnumbered. The pandemic has shown the many flaws in the healthcare system and how the culture of the medical unit can crush staff morale.

I hear everyday that staff are calling and needing time off because they are overworked. At the same time, there are always bonuses and double pay for those who take extra shifts, but sometimes that’s not enough to get people interested.

This article describes the issues that are occurring in healthcare today, and it was interesting to see many different thoughts from RNs. I liked seeing a different perspective of California.

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