Scary cyber threats and soft solutions


Malware, zombiebots, ransomware: Oh my God! A list of what gives safety experts nightmares and resources for a better night’s sleep.

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Make the words Zombiebots, Gh0st, Beast, and Boot Lick send shivers down your spine? They should. These are the names of the top malware that could be haunting your programs and emails right now! Building a cyber defense plan can seem scary. What’s even more frightening: not having systems in place to protect against malware and other cyber threats.

Cyber ​​threats that scare even experts

It’s not just malware that poses a threat to a company’s systems. Here’s what scares some industry experts (and members of the CIS team!):

  • Kathleen Moriarty, Chief Technology Officer: “The state of cyber threats is such that we must turn to integrated security models. CIS Benchmarks are an excellent step towards providing the expected policies on systems that can be verified on an ongoing basis to support zero trust architectures. “
  • Sean Atkinson, Chief Information Security Officer: “A huge cybersecurity threat is the misconfiguration of cloud infrastructure. It is scary that some people think it is settled and forgotten. In fact, there is a need to monitor cloud instances for access and integrity changes, and change or modify this infrastructure as needed. “
  • Angelo Marcotullio, Chief Information Officer: “The main security threat is all of us – humans. Failure to follow basic cybersecurity practices such as strong passwords, setting access permission levels, etc. can result in a serious breach.
  • Curtis Dukes, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Security Best Practices: “Real-world data defines some of the biggest threats. The CIS v2.0 community defense model explains the main types of attacks: malware, ransomware, web application hijacking, privileges and insider abuse, and targeted intrusions. “

Soft solutions to cyberthreats

With all of these threats to consider, it’s more important than ever to develop a solid cybersecurity plan. While cybersecurity can be tricky, this infographic offers tips and resources to get you started.

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