San Diego Padres opponents can drop ice packs at this time

It’s hard to get noticed as an intermediate reliever. Unless one is truly dominant or a complete disaster every time they take the mound, mid-relievers only generate notice if they cause a game to spiral out of control. However, that wasn’t the case with San Diego Padres reliever Austin Adams in 2021.

Adams gained great notoriety for giving the opposition numerous bruises. He batted 24 in just 52.2 innings last year, six more than second-placed Joe Musgrove despite being about 129 fewer innings. Padres opponents needed ice packs per crate.

Austin Adams could have extended San Diego Padres absence

These ice packs may not be needed as frequently. Adam has been closed for at least six weeks with an outstretched forearm. He is likely to be injected with platelet-rich plasma in hopes he can recover and avoid surgery.

When Adams wasn’t turning the baseball into a heat-seeking missile for the opponent, he was an effective arm in the Padres’ bullpen. He posted a 4.10 ERA and 1.196 WHiP last season, striking out 76 with 35 walks. Adams has done an impressive job keeping the ball in the park, allowing just one homer last year.

San Diego was certainly hoping for more of the same. He had only hit two other batters in his career, making the 2021 season a likely anomaly despite his command lapses. Adams had been a strong arm at bat and allowed just six career homers, making him someone who could have made an impact in those middle innings.

It is possible that it will happen again this year. If the injection works and he is able to begin to heal, Adams may return later in the year. The Padres could put those uncomfortable at bats again. And those ice packs may not last long on the shelves.

Austin Adams is closed by the San Diego Padres for at least six weeks. Ice packs in the opposing clubhouse can breathe a sigh of relief.

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