Roblox players create squid game clones


The creators of Roblox are making independent adaptations of their favorite Netflix show, bringing the hit thriller Squid Game to interactive medium.

Adaptations of the game Squid on Roblox

Roblox is an online platform that allows users to easily create games and share them with others. Squid game, meanwhile, is a South Korean thriller that’s currently exploding on Netflix. Recently the two have reunited with a flood of fan-made games.

These fan-made games have been all over the place Roblox, many of which make their way to the front page of the “Popular” section of the platform. That’s a particularly impressive feat given recent revelations from People Make Games, which exposed just how difficult it is for creators to feature on the platform. However, it seems that Squid game manages to find the perfect chords to excel in several mediums.

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For those who don’t know the show, Squid game is a nine-episode thriller that arrived on Netflix earlier this month. Produced in South Korea, the series follows a group of characters reunited on a distant island. They have to participate in deadly versions of popular children’s games like Tug of War and Red Light Green Light. Primarily impoverished competitors will earn a small fortune if they survive, but most end up paying the ultimate price. The show has been compared favorably to the 2000 film Royal battle. It also tackles the themes of poverty and the flaws of capitalism, which have become common elements in South Korean dramas.

Adaptations of the game Squid on Roblox 2

The Roblox adaptations focus primarily on the individual games featured in the series. The first episode version of Red Light Green Light seems to be particularly popular among roblox hobbyist game makers. The quality of Roblox the games also seem to vary, although that is not unusual in itself. Notably, not all fan-made games use the Squid gamth title, with Fish game and Hexa game being popular alternatives. However, they all take inspiration from the popular Netflix show.

These independent adaptations might be worth a detour for fans of the series. And there’s a lot to choose from, as the site search finds plenty of examples that didn’t quite make the first page. The number and popularity of Roblox the adaptations also show that gamers and game makers have a genuine interest in Squid game as a concept. Hopefully Netflix pays attention and fans can see an official adaptation of the video game in the future.

Squid game remains one of the most popular shows on Netflix. Unfortunately for fans, there are no immediate plans for a sequel or second season. In the meantime, fans of Squid game at least have the Roblox versions to occupy them.

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Source: IGN

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