Questions to the US Mission in Nigeria on the #EndSARS Report

If the members of the United States of America Mission in Nigeria have any suspicion of decorum, they would now regret their hasty, misguided and undiplomatic statement which tended to endorse the leaked report of the judicial panel on the #EndSARS protests which has took place in October of last year.

The statement released by the US mission within 24 hours of submission of the report said, “We look forward to the response from the Lagos State government as part of a process that represents an important accountability mechanism regarding EndSARS events and events that took place. near the Lekki tollgate on October 20, 2020 ”. The statement went on to say, “These events have led to serious allegations against some members of the security forces, and we look forward to the Lagos State and federal governments taking appropriate action to address these alleged abuses as well. only to the grievances of the victims and their families “.

After a cursory examination of the statement, one gets the impression that the United States is trying to be politically and diplomatically correct on the matter with the kind of deliberately obtuse words favored in diplomatic parlance. Words like “allegation” used in this context will indicate that the US mission was trying to tiptoe through what it perceives to be a potential political and diplomatic minefield whose eventual backlash could result in the mission American girl has eggs on her face.

But after careful consideration of the overall action of the US mission in issuing the statement within 24 hours of the report being presented by the judicial panel until US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s visit to Nigeria a few Just days after the report’s release, the engagements he had with certain groups and the biased statements he made at the meeting make it clear that everything has been arranged and choreographed on purpose.

Why would the US mission rush to issue a statement within 24 hours of releasing a report that was clearly amateurish and riddled with flaws so obvious even a kindergarten child can spot it? Couldn’t the smart folks in the political section of the US mission wait until the report is subjected to rigorous scrutiny before releasing this statement? Did they not see that some of the names in the report did not have a last name and could have been conjectured? Didn’t they know that some of the people listed as dead in the report are actually alive and not bearing any injuries? Have they seen any evidence of a thorough and complete forensic and ballistic investigation at the Lekki toll site for blood, tissue and the alleged use of firearms on protesters?

If the answer to these questions is that the US mission saw the flaws in the report and nonetheless called on the Lagos government and the federal government to “take appropriate action to address the victims’ allegations of abuse and grievances and of their families ”, then we can only conclude that the American mission was either negligent and unprofessional in its duties or deliberately mischievous.

And then in that context, we can then ask the American mission our own relevant questions. Can the US mission admit a Nigerian seeking a US visa with a passport that does not have his last name? Can the US mission accept a note verbale from the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is not properly drafted with the correct references and protocol? Besides, can a report like the one presented by the EndSARS Judicial Panel be accepted by any court in any jurisdiction in the United States of America?

Again, if not, is the answer to all of these questions why has the United States Mission in Nigeria, with all its strict adherence to official documentation procedures and standards, stooped to- below its bar to issue a statement that fully states that it supports the findings of a judge panel who failed to exercise due diligence in the task at hand? It is possible that the US mission rushed to impress their Oga Blinken – who was due to be in Nigeria shortly after the publication of the judicial panel report – to provide him with something to get under the skin of the Nigerian government. to wring your hands.

But I have a feeling that the United States actually organized the whole thing by manipulating the panel’s work behind the scenes in the step-by-step manner typical of well-known American political manipulation methods to achieve certain policy goals. foreigner in pursuit of their interests. And as we have seen in Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc., the United States, when it thinks it is, is not afraid to reject the nuances and intricacies of international law in pursuing its interests abroad. The entire action of the US mission from the sequence of events and statements to the visit and the US Secretary of State’s commitments in this regard is too obvious to be a mere coincidence. The United States wanted to use the timing of the presentation of the #EndSARS report to step up and secure the United States an advantageous position in the political events that unfold until the 2023 election.

In the specific case of the #EndSARS debacle, the American mission, through its actions, is trying to pit Nigerians against Nigerians by posing as a moral arbiter in an issue that concerns Nigerians at all levels and that falls within the capacity of Nigerian state and society to manage and resolve. Attempts by the United States to get involved in this matter are misplaced and sound like black pot, knowing the track record of the United States on such issues around the world.

The United States cannot by any stretch of the imagination be a moral arbiter in Nigeria’s political questions. In the United States, police routinely kill African Americans as a sport. They would have to deal with it before they could tackle the Nigeria case.

Also this year, in April, the United States issued a statement in which it stated that, based on its independent findings, the Nigerian security forces deployed at the Lekki site fired in the air and not at the people. demonstrators. So what changed from April of this year to November of this year that the United States disowned its findings and instead clings to the findings of a report that is clearly unprofessional and in disagree with what they told the world?

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