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Google recently launched an upgrade for the stable release browser that solves many privacy flaws and offers many new features. Omnibox Prerendering & Download Scanning are the 2 most notable technological improvements in Chrome 17.

Pre-rendering is the process of the Google Chrome browser to preload the content of websites or pages into the backend before the user visits them. The next new website URL can be guessed seconds before browsing, so Chrome Prerendering is a wonderful approach to improving user-visible site download speeds.

Google is developing a Prerender2, for Chrome that will allow sites to load very instantly. The feature includes Omnibox Prerendering, which the company is currently preparing to launch.
Chrome can load material in the background before a user has even finished typing a URL into Omnibox. Omnibox pre-rendering is the term for this.

The next recent Chrome update is automatic filtering of harmful items like exe and MSI and warns you if they download any harmful document or file from such location which is known for high rate of dangerous downloads.

A safe list of items that are not verified is maintained by Google. All others are searched on Google for more knowledge. Although it is not a foolproof method, it can alert people when they are ready to download harmful files. Currently, there appears to be no way to disable the feature in browsers.

Additionally, Chrome17 fixed at least 20 security vulnerabilities.

In a nutshell, with the help of pre-rendering
• Developers can also include preload links for their hardware, allowing Chrome to identify and download it quickly, improving the user experience.
• Reduces the time it takes for users to navigate to a fully downloaded web page after clicking Enter. Sites load almost instantly on occasion.

It’s unclear how Chrome decides which URLs to show you, although users’ previous browsing data and bookmarks likely play a role. However, this adds complexity, especially if the browser does not display the correct pages frequently.

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