Popular home COVID test kits still available in Yakima

Numerous COVID-19 home test kits have been used by residents of Yakima County over the past month. In fact so much that the kits are no longer available online. But Yakima Health officials say the kits can still be found in community organizations that work with the district. A district press release says several community organizations have the kits available for free.

You can get a free test kit from Yakima Today

Union Gospel Mission in Yakima, 509-248-4510, 1300 N. First St.
Madison House Youth Center in Yakima, 509-457-3370, 302 S. Fourth St.
Yakima Central Library in Yakima, 509-452-8541, 102 N. Third St.
Buena Community Library in Buena, 509-865-2298, 801 Buena Road.
Wapato Community Library in Wapato, 509-877-2882, 119 E. Third St.
Mabton Community Library in Mabton, 509-894-4128, 415 B St.
Community Chest Food Bank in Toppenish, available from Thursday, 509-865-5311, 4 N. B St.
La Casa Hogar in Yakima, 509-457-5058, 106 S. Sixth St.
Nuestra Casa in Sunnyside, 509-839-7602, 906 E. Edison Ave.

The results of the home test kits cannot be used in an official capacity.

Many home test kits have been used during the holidays to make sure people do not carry the virus before meeting other family members. Health officials say results from home test kits cannot be used for upcoming events, school or work. However, the kits allowed many people concerned about the symptoms to know if they actually had COVID-19.

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