NYC Extends Paid Family Leave So Parents Can Get COVID Vaccines For Children

NEW YORK – With all the holiday festivities and long lines at COVID testing and vaccination sites, it can be easy enough to say that there just isn’t enough time to get your baby vaccinated. child, but now New York City officials are trying to make it easier for working parents by giving them paid family leave to get those much-needed vaccines.

Starting Friday, the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection is amending a law that will make it easier for parents to have their children aged 5 to 17 immunized. It is an extension of the paid vacation and paid sick leave law in New York City to include four additional hours of paid leave per child under 18 per vaccine injection.

“Great idea,” Elsie Ryley, who is waiting in a long line to get the shot, told PIX11 News. “I think every parent will be very happy to take their kids for the shot and to know that they still have a job.”

The time can be used to take their child for vaccination or to take care of their child if they experience side effects.

It’s retroactive to Nov. 2, the day the CDC approved vaccines for children ages 5 to 11.

“We’ve all seen how important sick leave is to keeping New York City healthy during the pandemic,” Department of Consumer and Worker Protection commissioner Peter Hatch told PIX11 News.

City officials wanted to make sure that during the current COVID outbreak, when kids are on break from school, they get that much-needed bullet in the arm without their parents worrying about their own work.

“This is in addition to the paid sick leave that employees already have so that they don’t have to worry about the low number of leaves at the end of the year,” Commissioner Hatch told PIX11 News. “We don’t want them to be reluctant to take their children to be vaccinated.

The latest figures from the New York Department of Health show people under 18 getting vaccinated. More than 435,000 children, or 83% of children aged 12 to 17, have been vaccinated.

For the youngest, aged 5 to 11, the number is more like 189,000 children or 28%.

And this amendment will facilitate the growth of that percentage.

“A lot of my friends have young children at home, so even that small gesture would be fantastic,” Aurelie Muntzel, who is waiting in a long line to get the vaccine, told PIX11 News.

If you need more information on whether you are eligible for this paid family leave, you can go to the city’s website at or call 311 and say sick leave .

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