‘My self-esteem is not related to my body shape’: Anshula Kapoor writes a thoughtful note on self-love

To be healthy is not only to be physically fit on the outside, but also to be in a happy state – both emotionally and mentally. However, in the current age of social media, the latter is often overlooked as physical appearance premium. Thus, it is important for one to “speak a little kinder to each other today”, Anshula Kapoorwho does not hesitate to accept and love his body, said.

Write a powerful note on self-love and detailing her own struggles to embrace her flaws, she wrote: ‘For me today, being ‘healthy’ means so much more than what I look like in the mirror. One of my first steps to becoming a healthier me was recognizing that mentally I wasn’t in the best place and that I had to tackle what was eating me inside before I could even begin to work on anything else.

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However, the journey to recognize one’s flaws and fears is not the easiest. For the 31-year-old, it was no different.

“That was the most uncomfortable part. And the hardest part too. It took so therapy. So many tears. So much uncertainty. Fear. Reverse. Faintness. Self-doubt. Then came self-realization. Thus began the healing. It’s been a long 2 year journey, and I’m still a work in progress,” she wrote.

Additionally, she shared the importance of not tying self-esteem to the shape and size of his body. “It’s taken me almost as long to realize that my self-worth isn’t tied to my body shape, and that constantly denigrating or criticizing my imperfections and flaws doesn’t do me any good – whether that flaw is emotional or physical.”

The journey to self-love, however, is a constant, never-ending process. “I am still learning to love the perfectly imperfect self that I discover and lean towards, because life is too short to live it thinking you are unworthy or unlovable. I am imperfect and still worthy,” Anshula concluded. .

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