Mile High Monday: Broncos have five picks in draft sweet spot

The 2022 NFL Draft will be here before you know it. We are finally in April, and the draft is at the end of the month. With the weather warming up, I put the top on my Jeep and took the cover off my Shelby this weekend. I’m ready for the warmer weather and the draft.

I love this month, but it’s also something I’ve dubbed “the month of lies.” We are going to hear/read the disinformation from the teams as they try to cover their tracks.

I also like to contemplate life and sport when I’m driving with the top down on my old Jeep TJ! What follows is the result of these trips during the week.

Buckle up, let’s take a look inside my thoughts.


take two

It’s my favorite time of year, draft season! We’re almost at the 2022 NFL Draft, and on almost every website that covers the NFL, there will be at least one mock draft for readers to enjoy. In fact, most sites that cover the draft will have multiple versions of fake drafts at this point. What are we on, model of version 20?

Fake drafts are fodder for the public. They don’t mean much, but people love to click on them, read the details, and then smash the writer/analyst on social media. It’s as if the swallows come home to Capistrano, an annual tradition that we can all enjoy. I’ll only do one mock draft, like I do every year — and it’ll come out draft week on

I’ll do a first-round draft, as I do every year, but I’ll also do a full draft for the Broncos in a separate article. Denver doesn’t have a first-round pick this year (thanks Russell Wilson!), so I’ll take a look at the collection of picks they have after that — starting with No. 64 overall.

The meat of this draft, a place full of talent, is somewhere between 50 and 120 picks. In this area, the Broncos have five draft picks. They can’t just find talent with these selections; they could find starters and impact players with those five picks.

Look at any fictional draft for the Broncos, and you’ll see several of the common positions checked off with a player. You’ll find ILB, CB, RB, OT, and edge with these picks – and that’s great – but I think edge should be the main focus with a few of these picks.

I’m sure all fictional drafts for the Broncos will include an early pass-rusher. If they don’t, well, that’s just a mistake. I know everyone is trying to connect the dots with the Broncos to find them a good tackle in the draft, but this class could be dried up by No. 64 overall. There are concerns at inside linebacker (still), but the best player they could find there (Chad Muma of Wyoming) may not be on the board. I can find pass-rushers who could be starters in a year or two until the start of the fourth round. With the strength of this class, I think the Broncos don’t need a passer with their first five picks — they need two.


This year = Meh. Next year = Yeah!

Thank goodness the Broncos aren’t in the quarterback market this year. As I wrote in my preview of the quarterback job on, it’s not a great class of quarterbacks. Sure, guys like Malik Willis (Liberty) are great to consider when it comes to potential, but there aren’t any surefire passers that look like “can’t miss” prospects coming to the NFL this season.

Next year is another story. There are not one but two great quarterbacks who are expected to be the top two picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. Bryce Young (Alabama) and CJ Stroud (Ohio State) are going to battle this coming college season. This year, Young and Stroud will compete for the Heisman Trophy, they will face off to face each other at the national championship, and then they will face off to be the first draft pick.

I have yet to take a deep dive into either quarterback. I always wait for guys to be draft eligible before I spend a lot of time scouting them. However, I know what scouts think of these two, and I’ve seen enough of their games to know they have elite-level skills and could be NFL superstars.

Young had a year of starting experience for the Crimson Tide so far, and he has few flaws in his game. He has a big arm and is an accurate passer, but the physical talent is easy to see in every player. quarters. What makes Young special is his ability to rise under duress. Pressure is the name of the game in football, and Young plays with a calm mind when chaos swirls around him.

Stroud is a point guard. When the game is at hand, he’s the type of quarterback you want to have the ball. Stroud needs to sort out some pass placement issues (he misses too often for my taste), but all the tools are there to allow him to shine as a modern-day passer. I love how he brings his team back after an opponent makes a big play. Stroud, like Young, is cool under fire and that’s going to help a ton in the NFL.

I look forward to next year’s course. Again, the Broncos won’t be in the quarterback market next year either — but the draft is more fun when there are elite quarterbacks coming into the league. Young and Stroud will give us plenty to watch this upcoming college football season, and then it’ll be fun to watch what they do to position themselves in the 2023 pre-draft process.


Yay! RER day!

I can’t stand April Fools. It’s just a waste of time in my opinion – my old fuddy-duddy opinion. I’ve been accused (by many, including Tyler Polumbus) of being too serious about football – and everything in general – so maybe my opinion today is biased.

However, I love April Fool’s Day because every year my good friend Matt Waldman releases his Rookie Recruitment Portfolio. I’ve known Matt for nearly 20 years and we’ve made several trips to Reese’s Senior Bowl together. He is one of the brightest minds in the media when it comes to the NFL Draft. I’ve seen the draft industry change drastically over the years. There was a time when finding information on drafts was only for the most hardcore fans. Now, the NFL Draft is a cottage industry, and every site publishes some sort of draft content.

I know of some sites that have “editing experts” that no one has ever heard of. Not only are these so-called experts unknown in the Scouting community, but they also usually have terrible movie-study habits and often make up the information they get at this time of year – by source. Therefore, we receive the terrible “anonymous scout” rumors that proliferate during this month.

Waldman’s work is something that cannot be replicated. I work hard to study the draft every year, and my job pales in comparison to what Matt does in his RER.

I have read for the RSP for years and years. The level of work you will see when you study the position of players in this draft class is unparalleled. In fact, I know of NFL teams that have taken a liking to what Matt is doing with his RSP. If you want NFL War Room level info, check it out!


Everything I wanted and more

I’ve always been a fan of “Moon Knight”. Ever since I was a young comic book reader, the look of the character has always resonated with me. Learning more about the history of Moon Knight and how he is a superhero with multiple personalities, I was hooked.

Needless to say, I was over the moon (pun intended) when I learned that Disney+ was streaming a “Moon Knight” show. When I heard that Oscar Isaac was playing Moon Knight, I could barely wait for the show to appear on the TV screen. Last week, “Moon Knight” debuted on Disney+ and it was everything I wanted and more.

For the general public, or those unfamiliar with “Moon Knight,” the show might seem — well — a little weird. I agree with that. If you’ve watched “Moon Knight” and it struck you as odd because it’s very different from the MCU “formula” of TV shows and movies, give it some time. Moon Knight’s story is compelling from many angles, and he’s one of the most complex characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What did you think of the first episode of “Moon Knight?” Hit me up on social media and let me know!


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