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While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are designed for the purpose of socializing, there is another app available that is not quite designed for relaxing or spending time, but is designed for people to connect with their employers, colleagues and friends. This website gives you many ways to network and also gives you many opportunities that would lead more to career options. The platform we are talking about is “LinkedIn”.

LinkedIn is basically a networking hub where people share their education, skills, experiences, and accomplishments so that when someone wants to hire them for their business, they can simply search the website for them and find out more about them. . This Microsoft-owned platform contains a short wallet for users and provides users with logins.

The application is not really advanced if we compare it to Facebook, although it is quite similar to Facebook, we are talking about its user interface. It doesn’t have a lot of features like Facebook, but they are constantly trying to come up with features that would make the app feel like a “social media” app.

According to Nima Owji, LinkedIn is testing a new feature that would allow users to trim their videos. This means that users will now be able to trim their videos wherever they want. This feature is pretty awesome because the app tries its best to make changes that would encourage users to use the app more often.

Many updates are expected to come out in 2022 which would attract more users to the website. Like LinkedIn Podcasts, Stories, Live Videos and many more.

The LinkedIn Stories option is quite similar to the Facebook and Instagram stories option. These stories would be 10 seconds in total. These stories can be anything from pictures to videos. Users can add texts and filters to it to make it more interesting.

We all know the concept of live videos, the app decided to introduce a “Live Videos” feature and users are very excited about it. They say this feature would allow them to interact with their audience and community which would be really great for them.

LinkedIn is a great way for people to explore new career options and connect with people who are in their field. With more and more updates, we believe that the app will attract more and more users to themselves. In a few years, we might see people switch from other apps to LinkedIn.

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