Limelight Launches Disruptive New Solution in $ 4.4 Billion Web CDN

Layer0 by Limelight increases developer speed and delivers sub-second performance for web applications

Limelight Networks, Inc., a leading edge content delivery and AppOps provider, today announced the launch of the revolutionary Layer0 platform on its global content delivery network (CDN), the first new product resulting from the acquisition of Layer0 by Limelight. Limelight has helped launch and grow some of the world’s largest video properties and is now at the forefront of enabling a new generation of web and application development.

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Layer0 by Limelight is the first edge platform that enables development teams to ship up to twice as fast and deliver sub-second page loads by extending the edge to the browser. Layer0 can augment or replace a site’s existing web CDN and security provider to speed up page loading and reduce costs, while the development team acquires new features that respond to the drastic change to zero operations and programming at the periphery.

Leading companies such as Shoe Carnival, Kate spade, and Sharper Image have improved their developer productivity and increased their website traffic, conversions, and revenue with Layer0. Their teams were able to ship features much faster. “Layer0 makes implementing new features much easier, hands down, than anything else. It’s more flexible and user-friendly, and the platform takes all the guesswork out of deployments and caching, ”said Jason adkison, Frontend Developer at Shoe Carnival.

The Shoe Carnival site, which uses the Salesforce Commerce Cloud e-commerce platform, performed significantly better: page load times dropped from 5 seconds to less than a second when measured on a mobile device. At Sharper Image, the development team provides instant page loads. “Everyone has commented on how extremely fast our site is, thanks to Layer0. It was one of the fastest implementations we have ever seen, ”said Sam grossman, COO at Sharper Image.

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Limelight’s capabilities of Layer0 include:

  • The second largest global private edge caching network in the world
  • EdgeJS, the world’s first CDN configured in JavaScript
  • Industry’s lowest latency edge logic
  • Easy to deploy and debug serverless compute
  • DDoS, WAF and bot detection capabilities
  • Edge emulation on developers’ local machines
  • Edge activation of 15 frontend frameworks including React, Vue, Next.js, Nuxt.js and Svelte
  • Point-and-click split testing and feature management at the edge
  • Integrated observability suite
  • Intuitive and actionable Real User Measurement (RUM) performance monitoring designed to improve search SEO and ranking
  • Integration with CI / CD workflows that automatically deploy each GitHub validation of Edge and serverless code to separate URLs
  • Jamstack support that enables large, dynamic sites to leverage the developer productivity, security and performance benefits of the Jamstack architecture previously only available for static websites
  • Automatic SSL and custom domains
  • Smart prefetch that extends the edge to the web browser
  • Self-service support for every capacity and full documentation

These capabilities work seamlessly using a deploy command, which is much simpler than purchasing and bundling the more than twenty point cloud solutions needed to deploy and run a modern, sophisticated website. today. “With today’s launch, website builders have a significantly simpler but better performing cloud infrastructure for their websites and APIs. As existing hyperscale cloud providers and edge platform vendors continue to deliver “cloud primitives” like “hammers and nails”, Limelight delivers what customers have been asking for: an integrated solution that delivers safely the best productivity and performance results on the market, “mentioned Ajay Kapur, CTO at Limelight.

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