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New Delhi: Shri M. Ajit Kumar, Chairman of the Central Council for Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), today launched the online filing of T2 and T3 Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) applications. The AEO web application can be accessed at the URL The new version (V 2.0) of the web application is designed to provide continuous digital real-time monitoring of physically filed AEO T2 and AEO T3 requests for response and speed of execution.

The processing of AEO applications for the OAS T1 on the web portal has been operational since December 2018. To advance this digitization effort, in accordance with the initiative of the Government Digital India, the Board of The administration of the CBIC has launched a new version (V2.0) for the integration of AEO T2 and AEO T3 candidates for online filing, real-time monitoring and digital certification.

For more details, refer to the CBIC circular n ° 13/2021-Customs of 01.07.2021.

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