I got it – you want it! Synapse Dental Pain Eraser

When is pain not pain? When “erased” using the Synapse Dental Pain Eraser, a simple yet effective device that provides pain relief in many situations. These scenarios include pain or discomfort experienced from an injection, crown or veneer cementation, tooth/root sensitivity, orthodontic pain, postoperative and postoperative pain, and of course, severe sensitivity, especially before surfacing and descaling. The Synapse device works on the gate theory for pain management and is an inexpensive but valuable tool that can be used by the dentist in the office. It is also available as a device that patients can use at home for additional pain relief.

More “I got it – you want it!” :

The application is simple and takes 1 to 4 minutes depending on the circumstances. For example, if using a pre-injection, apply for 1 minute; if for TMJ, then up to 4 minutes; or in the case of an aphthous ulcer, only 30 seconds. When a patient needs to undergo a complete scaling and root planing, I would run it over the oral mucosa in a sweeping motion for about 30-45 seconds per arch. There is no need for topical. The Synapse website is a great resource and reference. Note that there are several insurance codes, such as D9110, D9630 and D7465, which may be applicable for reimbursement in various situations. The caveat, of course, is that even if there is a code, it does not mean that you or the patient will be reimbursed. Anyway, I think the Synapse Dental Pain Eraser is a useful device that can help with pain relief but, perhaps more importantly, it can help eliminate anxiety and gain confidence patients, helping to strengthen the doctor/hygienist/patient relationship.

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the June 2022 print edition of Dental economy magazine. Dentists in North America can take advantage of a free print subscription. Register here.

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