How The Art of Service Can Help Executives Learn Tech


Skill enhancement just might be the most powerful tool you can use to make your business sustainable.

Committed to enlightening technology leaders by gaining a competitive advantage in their field, The Art of Service does just that.

Founded by Ivanka Menken and her husband in 2000, the company has empowered leaders to thrive by improving company policies, processes and procedures, while not losing sight of the human factor in the world of business. ‘business.

“We’ve developed products – our self-assessment toolkits and critical capacity cheat sheets – to help create the clarity leadership teams need to enable them to make informed decisions,” explains Menken to The CEO magazine. “Think of it as an awareness and understanding of the unknown unknown – you don’t know what you don’t know. “

Determined to improve online learning, the Australian company helps clients create IT departments they can use to grow their businesses by focusing on IT strategy, IT management and web security.

“We’re focused on the laser to stay ahead of the online attention span we all have, which is milliseconds. “- Ivanka Menken

The art of service went fully digital in 2009. However, as the world increasingly goes online, this has created new challenges.

“We had an advantage at the time, which was also an obstacle,” she says. “It used to work, why wasn’t it working now?” The answer was simple: because there are so many more companies vying for attention online than there were in 2009. ”

The entrepreneur has not always been in the field of IT service management. Menken started her career as a professional teacher, having obtained a double degree in applied sciences (agriculture) and education. It was her passion for technology that led her to the world of startups.

“During my career, I have always looked for ways to empower professionals to create clarity and a culture of continuous growth,” she shares.

By combining his educational expertise with management consulting, Menken honed his leadership skills.

“Good leadership is the combination of a clear vision and the ability to communicate it to the team in a way that enables the team to make independent decisions, knowing that they are an integral part of the business journey. and add value, ”she explains. . “I’ve found that setting clear boundaries and understanding the big picture really helps professionals to be self-reliant and not guess everything.

“Surround yourself with peers and experienced entrepreneurs. Joining the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in 2006 was a great decision. Having access to 15,000 entrepreneurs gave me a global view of the business world, which allowed me to successfully prepare for the global financial crisis of 2008. ”

More recently, having overcome the challenges of COVID-19, the business of IT service management is poised for the future.

“We’re focused on the laser to stay ahead of the online attention span we all have, which is milliseconds,” says Menken. “It forces us to be super clear in every message. “

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