Here’s how you can learn Linux programming for just $15


Windows and macOS may be the most popular consumer operating systems, but developers know that Linux is where the magic is. There’s reason to believe that Linux will increasingly become an enterprise standard, especially considering how exceptional Linux programmers tend to solve complex problems within organizations.

If you’re new to Linux, now’s a great time to do so because the Linux & Docker Coding Bundle is on sale for just $15 for a limited time.

This set of six courses is led by Coding Gears (instructor rating 4.3/5), a community of experts with over 20 years of experience in a wide range of technical areas, including Linux, containerization, software development and much more. Over the past decade, this online learning organization has helped thousands of students learn some of today’s most in-demand tech skills, and this training will show you how to successfully learn Linux and Docker.

To get started, you’ll learn how to master the Linux command line, work with Linux files and folders, and learn various word processing commands to work more efficiently. Then, to practice, you will create your own AWS Linux EC2 instance. Then you will move on to bash shell scripting, learn about various bash shell features such as conditions and loops and how to write scripts to automate repeated tasks.

After working with Linux scripts and shells, you’ll get a beginner-friendly introduction to containerization with Docker. Then you will learn how to package an application with all its dependencies, deploy a web application as a Docker container and much more while developing a productive and streamlined skill set to maximize efficiency.

Familiarize yourself with some of the programs that make software development much more efficient today. Right now, you can get the Linux & Docker Coding Bundle on sale for just $15 or $2.50 per course.

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