GraphQL Hasura platform launches new innovations

The GraphQL Hasura platform announced new innovations, including two-way REST API connectors, Hasura data hub, identity-specific authorization, Google Cloud support, and more. The innovations will help organizations become more efficient and accelerate the development of web applications.

Hasura announced a new data hub, two-way REST API connectors, and Google Cloud support, further reducing the time it takes to ship software and providing easy access to GraphQL for organizations of all types. These innovations build on the industry’s first existing capabilities, including full-stack application overviews and cross-database joins, to enable businesses to use their data and services more efficiently and effectively. Hasura has been downloaded over 400 million times since its introduction in 2018.

GraphQL Hasura platform

“As different types of databases have proliferated within the enterprise, the need to abstract some of the underlying data services to improve developer speed has intensified, and this is why the interest for GraphQL increases. But GraphQL can be complicated, and as a result there is an increase in demand for platforms that simplify its implementation. This is the opportunity Hasura is aiming for, ”said Stephen O’Grady, senior analyst at RedMonk.

Hasura is designed to make web application development faster than ever by removing data access bottlenecks for frontend and full-stack developers. The platform reduces the time and niche expertise required to build GraphQL APIs for data access by automating the repetitive work involved in mapping models to APIs with common access models such as pagination, filtering, trunking, configuring authorization rules and optimizing performance. With operational data increasingly distributed across multiple sources, and developers consuming data in insecure and unauthorized compute environments, Hasura provides data APIs capable of connecting to multiple services and data sources, integrating domain-specific authorization logic and to provide the necessary security and performance / concurrency.

New Hasura innovations include:

  • REST API Connector: Hasura now eliminates the need for users to write custom code to connect existing REST endpoints to their unified GraphQL API, providing a developer-friendly API transformation system. Building on previous capabilities, Hasura now allows developers to import existing rest APIs into Hasura as data sources, providing data access through the GraphQL API without writing code.
  • Hasura Data Hub: This new repository of API integrations defined by Hasura and provided by the community leverages the new capabilities of the REST connector, allowing users to easily connect APIs from major development platforms, including Contentful, Elastic, Fauna and IBM Open API, to their GraphQL API
  • Identity-Specific Authorization for ALL GraphQL Services: Hasura now offers users a quick and easy way to create identity-specific authorization policies for any GraphQL service or data source, strengthening security by limiting Models and fields of GraphQL APIs, which services identify can join and protect against abuse depending on query depth and cost. This ensures security and eliminates DIY approaches that require users to tinker with disparate libraries and frames to achieve similar results.
  • Google Cloud Support (Public Beta): New features in Hasura Cloud allow customers to choose their own regions and connect to their existing data sources on Google Cloud, and also eliminate network egress costs between Google and Hasura Cloud.

“The new innovations announced today further enhance Hasura’s ability to make self-service data access for teams and organizations of all sizes, regardless of data location, thereby reducing time to developing and accelerating the delivery of software to users. need for security, lowering the bar for universal use of the GraphQL API and modernizing the developer experience for applications of all types, ”said Tanmai Gopal, CEO of Hasura.

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