Google’s Chrome under violent attack: startup thinks it has a rival to save businesses from disaster


Browsers are proving to be a potential Achilles heel in computer and smartphone security. This year has seen a record number of so-called zero-day attacks in the wild, where unpatched software flaws are exploited by hackers, and Google Chrome has seen at least 12 of them so far this year.

In times of Covid and post-pandemic, as workers use their personal devices for work or their business devices for personal use, the danger of being hacked through Chrome or the browser they are using has grown considerably more. real. Enter Talon Cyber ​​Security, an Israeli startup that has already claimed the biggest funding round in its country’s history with $ 26 million in April this year. Emerged from stealth with his first product on Wednesday, he created a browser, TalonWork, based on the same Chromium base code that Chrome uses, but with the promise of doing a better job than its rivals in protecting the most distributed, often at residence. based workforce of the post-Covid era.

The company says its browser, which can be deployed in a customer’s enterprise in less than an hour, is “hardened” against zero-day attacks because Talon’s servers detect attack attempts. It also isolates work-related browsing activity from any malware on the device. And, through a management console, companies can apply their own policies on their employees’ browsers and get data about what workers are doing on the web, but only when it’s work-related, Ofer Ben said. Noon, co-founder and CEO of Talon. Forbes. “IT can see, monitor and control everything work-related. »Businesses can choose how they want to distribute personal and business use.

Talon claims ten customers and design partners are already using the browser, although it does not reveal any names.

The company claims its product is the first of its kind, although others have already sold secure browsers in the enterprise market. Google, for example, has its own corporate-centric version of Chrome that offers many of the same support and control features that Talon promises. But Talon co-founder and CTO Ohad Bobrov says TalonWork offers better control and visibility over users’ browsers, and while Google Enterprise allows companies to make basic changes to the configuration of users. browsers, “It’s basically always the same browser application.

The company also announces the investment of three big names in the industry: John Thompson, former chairman of the board of directors of Microsoft and former CEO of Symantec; George Kurtz, co-founder of CrowdStrike; and Mark Anderson, former president of Palo Alto Networks. Talon does not disclose the size of the investment, however.

Will the average consumer ever be able to test Talon’s claims of a more secure browser? Not in the short term, says Ben-Noon, but in two or three years, Talon could open up to the world.

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