Flaws that led to deadly COVID-19 outbreak at Maples nursing home corrected, province says


The Manitoba government says it has made great strides in ensuring that deadly viral outbreaks like the wave of COVID-19 that killed dozens of people at the Maples long-term care home do not happen again.

On Friday, the province released a progress report on recommendations from an external review into what happened at the private facility in Winnipeg.

An epidemic was declared on October 20 and did not end until January 12. During that time, 74 staff and 157 residents tested positive for COVID-19 and 56 people died.

An independent advisor was hired to conduct the review well in advance of the outbreak’s end. It was ordered as a result a particularly difficult night, November 6, when paramedics were called to the facility to treat a dozen residents who are rapidly deteriorating.

The primary areas of focus of the review included determining staffing levels, the level of care provided, and the infection prevention and control policies and procedures in place at the site.

the final report makes 17 recommendations and the province has created a plan to implement them.

The review found that while pandemic systems had been prepared and are in place, there were several plans, which resulted in confusion and redundancies in communications and workflow, as well as a lack of expertise in infection prevention and control.

The facility was also not prepared for the significant reduction in available staff once it was exposed to COVID-19 and had to self-isolate, and the urgency of requests for more staff support was not not fully understood until the situation becomes critical.

More staff were eventually recruited, but many were not qualified to provide long-term care services and lacked training in infection prevention and control and specialized housekeeping skills, the review found. .

He also revealed that the facility’s communications with families were inconsistent, eroding trust, and clinical care advice for sick patients was not readily available.

The report also made a number of recommendations for change beyond the Maples installation. These targeted all personal care home sites in Manitoba as well as Health Incident Command and Manitoba Health and Elderly Care.

Work has already started to implement them, Friday’s press release said.

The implementation of the recommendations involved the creation of 13 working groups, with representatives of regional health authorities, shared health, private and not-for-profit long-term care facilities, nursing home operators. personal and personal care home associations.

Each working group has been assigned short, medium or long term deadlines.

In the past three months, all recommendations specific to the Maples Nursing Home have been completed, and all short-term recommendations for the entire province have been completed, the Minister of Health and Personal Care said. Elderly Heather Stefanson in the release.

“We have made significant progress in ensuring that an epidemic like this does not happen again,” she said in the statement.

The remaining changes will be made in the weeks and months to come, the press release says.

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