EC-Council launches specialized certification in web application hacking and security


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EC-Council’s new web application certification contains hacking and web application security challenges to teach participants how to secure applications using real-world scenarios.

Albuquerque, New Mexico/ 03 August 2021: EC-Council, creator of the Certified Ethical Hacker certification, has launched its latest training and certification program specifically for the critically important area of ​​web applications and hacking. Vulnerabilities in web applications are increasingly an issue for the cybersecurity industry and the demand for highly skilled application security professionals has exploded during the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, with major industries relying on on web applications to keep their businesses afloat. Due to the speed with which applications can be developed and deployed, vulnerabilities are extremely common and applications are increasingly involved in the heart of business operations, making the creation and management of applications in such a way even more important.

To meet the need for specialized training in application security, the Hacking and Web Application Security course is accompanied by the Break the Code challenge, allowing participants to use a simulation to counter cyber attacks in real-world scenarios. Each section of the challenge becomes progressively more difficult and allows users to take multiple paths, only some of which are correct.

Speaking of this program, Jay Bavisi, World President, EC-Council, said, “Web Application Hacking and Security provides comprehensive experiential, lab and hands-on training that will help individuals become well-equipped for future challenges. This is no ordinary course, as it aims to provide candidates with the ability to develop their skills in applying web application security best practices in a real and stressful scenario. It will enable working professionals to defend their organization’s web applications against existing and emerging threats. With this course, we want to train truly qualified professionals who can help the web application security industry.

The program of the new initiative is aligned with industry requirements. The course is accompanied by an online, remotely supervised, performance-based exam of 6 hours, which will lead to one of 3 possible certifications depending on the skills of the tester. Anyone with a basic working knowledge of the Linux command line and an understanding of OSE and file systems or languages ​​such as Bash or Python scripting can take the certification. The web application hacking and security program will benefit professionals who have worked or are currently working as penetration testers, ethical hackers, red team engineers, information security engineers, vulnerability managers, responders in the event of an incident, as well as to those with an established basic framework.

More information about the course is available here: Registration and course details

About EC-Conseil

EC-Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) is a cybersecurity certification body that certifies professionals around the world in various areas of cybersecurity.
EC-Council’s mission is to develop and refine the cybersecurity profession around the world and is recognized globally for helping individuals, organizations, educators and governments solve workforce issues. by developing and maintaining world-class cybersecurity training programs, their corresponding certifications, and providing cybersecurity services to some of the world’s largest companies.

Recognized by seven of the Fortune 10, 47 of the Fortune 100, the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, NATO and more than 2,000 of the top universities, colleges and training companies, their programs have proliferated in more than 140 countries and have set the bar in cybersecurity education.

Best known for the Certified Ethical Hacker program, they are dedicated to equipping more than 230,000 Information Age soldiers with the knowledge, skills and abilities to fight and win against black hat adversaries. EC-Council builds cyber capabilities of individuals and teams / organizations through the Certified Ethical Hacker program, followed by a variety of other IT programs including Certified Secure Computer User, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, Certified Security Analyst, Certified Network Defender, Certified SOC Analyst, Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst, Certified Incident Handler, as well as the Certified Chief Information Security Officer.

ANSI 17024 accredited body, they have also been recognized by the DoD under Directive 8140/8570, in the United Kingdom by GCHQ, CREST and various other authoritative bodies that influence the entire profession. Founded in 2001, EC-Council employs over 400 people worldwide with 10 global offices in the US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Indonesia. Its offices in the United States are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Tampa, Florida.
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