DuckDuckGo privacy browser for Android gets app tracking protection feature


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And the difference is that Brendan Eich has always shown that he wants to build something for the good of people while making money, for all the Mozilla and Firefox fans they sometimes seemingly forget that Brendan Eich was the one who made it happen. did the best for it and that was until it got kicked out (even though he said it was reciprocal) when Mozilla started to fall.

Anyway, my point is that DuckDuckGo is owned by Gabriel Weinberg, who is a scammer who doesn’t care about your privacy, he only uses it to make money because he knows the privacy does not exist, but stupid humans will fall into the trap as if privacy does exist and there is a way to stop “Big Brother” from watching you, with or without the Internet, that’s what they do. make.

Gabriel Weinberg the same who created Names DB a capitalist surveillance service designed to coerce naive users into submitting sensitive information about their friends, that was in 2006… But do you really think he cares today in 2021 of your private life? no he doesn’t, he just found a way to make money and not get in trouble.

Do you really trust DuckDuckGo… especially when it comes to the app?
I mean, DDG’s app was sending every url you visit to DDG servers, I can’t even make it up when they had a feature that literally did that but they didn’t care.

but anyway … they still use Bing today, which is why even when Microsoft hid the tiananmen tank man due to an “error”, DuckDuckGo suffered as well, and you have to believe that duckduckgo is not sending not somehow sensitive information that Microsoft will keep on their servers for many months or forever, if DDG has been caught violating its own cookie privacy policy and sending URL on the app, and has been accused of taking users ‘fingerprints and collecting users’ operating systems and whatever else they highlight in search results, or what about all of the data available in your session is sent to the advertiser, which is why the Epic browser project refuses to set DDG as the default browser.

They don’t even have a way to turn off forced affiliate links every time you click on a result that contains Ebay or Amazon. dishonest lie but no one ever touches the DDG affiliate links which are really injected and forced.

About censorship… Did you know that DuckDuckGo censors on top of what Bing is already censoring? so they don’t even fight censorship, they create more. Why do people think DDG is good? they manipulate the results just as much as Google and Bing.
You can even check it on twitter by searching for “revolver news duckduckgo” and you will still find little trace of the reminder talk about how DDG hid the result, that was almost a year and a half ago, but DDG hid revolvernews website and then apologized for it when they got caught, the worst part is DDG hid it, you can still get it on Searx as a first hit, and Bing always showed it … even Bing, which is a search engine manipulated by Microsoft, has shown it while DDG hides it.
And I don’t care if you think revolvernews is a joke, the point is, they censor and they’ll keep doing it until they get caught.
And I witnessed more stuff but I just saw them on reddit and how they manipulated the image results because of the “we’re sorry we’re going to fix it soon” calendars and then I redid the search images and the results are gone.

DDG promotes cloudflare. that if they cared about privacy, they wouldn’t use it or promote it, because it’s bad.

Additionally, DDG donates to fraudulent criminal extremist organizations so your research will pretty much fund them, has nothing to do with privacy but has to do with the ecosystem of scams they are building to continue. to make money with the fantasy and marketing scheme called “intimacy”.

We can also mention how they magically got the domain when it was owned by Google, yes Google decided to give it away and be nice about it of course.

I mean, do you really trust them? of all the companies I have been in contact with that promote privacy but can’t trust or have mixed feelings about them DDG has to be the worst because people so easily fall into the trap and keep on use them, DDG is not better than Google or Microsoft, which is why they even teamed up with Yahoo a few years later and they used (or still use) the Microsoft mail service as well as the Bing API, etc. .

You can believe and trust anything you want, but people should do more research, just looking for WeinBERG should bring up all the suspects of never trusting DDG, that doesn’t mean people should blindly trust Startpage or Gigablast or Brave Search or any other search engine but more than DDG? Yes.

And that’s the difference with Brendan Eich, I might not agree with his crytoscam and Brave ecosystem, but at least he’s the ONLY one to speak out against Big Tech censorship and eventually bring a system of glasses to Brave Search which will fight censorship and eventually you will expect them to ditch Google to speed up indexing and be completely independent.

Privacy versus censorship, one is an illusion, the other is a reality and Silicon Valley is going to manipulate and do whatever it wants, I mean people have always censored everyone around, there has no real freedom when it comes to thinking the opposite, but when we talk about how ‘Big Tech’ obviously manipulates the internet, so YOU ​​read what they want, YOU think what they want and YOU do. what they want you to do, then there’s a big deal.
Privacy? this will continue to be an illusion because once you’re on the internet the privacy you can get is minimal, it’s just a word to distract you from other agendas that are really going to shape the shape people think and make them. things, people should be able to think whatever they want and Big Tech or governments should decide what or how. Blocking some scripts won’t really stop big business anti-privacy moves, when you get a credit card and the next day you get calls from random numbers offering you anything it means, the Internet or no, they’ve always done business with your information, but I think the assignment and issues like this are riskier than the false sense of confidentiality.


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