Despite his flaws, McFarlane Toys Year Two Batman is a great figure


Not long ago I featured my horrible experience with the McFarlane Toys Year Two Batman NYCC Target Exclusive Figure. For those unaware, the figure is loaded with 1 star reviews on the site (here) with tons of reports of broken limbs. I witnessed this first hand with my Batman’s bicep joint completely broken. For him to get a $50 price tag, you would expect better quality, especially with that bigger plastic than MAFEX gaskets (which break too easily). However, I finally received a replacement figure, and after some tactful tending, had it posed, and was impressed.

After opening the figure, I immediately put both arms and its body in extremely hot water to make sure they were smooth. After a nice bath, I tested every joint on my arms, legs, and body to make sure no surprises awaited me. Seems like a very unnecessary process for an action figure, but after the first one I would just do it to make sure it survives. This figure is based on At Todd McFarlane’s time with Batman, and he comes with a nice set of accessories with a stiff cape, graveyard base, thicc batarang, and some laying rods. While this is all cool, I really wanted to see Batman again in his light gray and blue jumpsuit and see the improvement in the cloth cape.

After a quick swap I finally assembled the Batman with his secondary arms, fabric cape and man, this figure is gorgeous. One of the downsides, however, was that I felt like I was playing on eggshells, as I never knew if this turn might be the last one. Reputation alone will track this number, making many collectors reluctant to add it to their collections. All that aside, the aesthetics, detailing, and fabric elements really kick this figure up a notch, and I wish more figures got that element with them. The cape is long and elegant and allows a nice set of poses. Batman collectors will enjoy this figure with its bright colors, classic costumes, and even a few extra accessories to keep paying.

I wasn’t a fan of the massive batarang included by McFarlane Toys, so I swapped it out for the smaller one that came with Batgirl. It still fits in his hands and pairs well with his color to give collectors a smaller, less intrusive weapon. After the whole process, I’m in love with this figure, and he’ll easily be my number 1 for McFarlane Toys’ DC Multiverse line. However, my statement still holds up with the laziness of the company to get to this point for it to take 2-3 digits before they can get a good quality one. The silly eyes, weird head sculpts, and fillers of plastic really take a toll on these figures, but after that, you can see we don’t need all of that to capture the power of DC Comics in figure form.

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