Delhi Police launches e-FIR system for house theft and burglary

Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana has launched an e-FIR application system for online registration of house thefts and burglaries to save time for the public. Currently, there is a similar e-FIR filing system for vehicle theft, larceny and unrecognizable finding, which was launched by former police chief BS Bassi in 2015.

In an order on Tuesday, Asthana said: “A series of web applications have been developed by the Delhi Police for a total system overhaul to enable complainants to register for the FIR and receive a copy instantly, without going to a police station. An e-FIR application for recording of theft cases is being activated for the registration of e-FIR in the crime categories of house theft and burglary from January 26, 2022. This activation will simplify the lives of citizens, through hassle-free registration, facilitate rapid investigation and systematic documentation.

The subject of the decree mentioned an amendment to permanent decree no. 443/2016, activation of the e-FIR module for theft and domestic burglary.

Explaining the purposes of activating the app, Asthana further states, “The immediate online hosting of the FIR for Stolen Property in Delhi via the web allows investigators to complete the investigation and documentation stages and to process cases in a timely manner to reduce waiting at police stations and courts.”

Work on the online FIR application has been ongoing for several months and the technical and legal aspects have been discussed with the services concerned. At a recent evening meeting, the Commissioner asked Special Commissioner of Police (Crime) Devesh Chandra Srivastava and Co-Commissioner of Police (Cyber ​​and Technology) Prem Nath to consider whether the offense of burglary or house robbery can be added in crime and felony. Network and Tracking Systems Module (CCTNS) so that these cases can also be recorded via e-FIRs.

Asthana also states, “The activation of the application will be implemented on the occasion of the Republic Day celebrations in 2022 for the creation of a facility to register FIRs online in the event of theft and burglary. The application will apply a section of the law for FIR registration with the combination of choices in the drop down menu for location of incident, type of incident, time of incident, number of suspects , etc

Citizens can file an e-FIR on three conditions, Asthana said: “The offense must have been committed within the jurisdiction of Delhi NCT, the accused must not be known to the complainant or caught in the act, and no one must not have been injured or Medical-Legal Case (MLC) made in the incident.

Asthana also explained the duties of investigators from the relevant area police station and ordered all investigators (IO) to contact the complainant within 24 hours, conduct proper investigation, inform senior officers and hold the plaintiff informed of the evolution of the cases. sometimes. “Asthana also directed all Deputy Commissioners of Police to request their division and beat officers to meet the Complainant at e-FIRs within 24 hours of the e-FIR registration. This will increase the level of satisfaction among the general public,” an officer said.

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