Class 11 Admissions: MHC Government School Shows Highest Threshold for Science Courses in Chandigarh

The Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS) Modern Housing Complex (MHC) posted the highest threshold among public schools according to the Final Merit List for Class 11 Council, which was released Friday by the Department of UT education.

The threshold is the minimum percentage required in the class 10 exam to be admitted to class 11 in the school, which is 93.8% for GMSSS-MHC in the scientific, medical and non-medical streams.

At 89.6%, the second highest threshold was posted by MHC GMSSS, sector 16, followed by GMSSS, sector 35, with 88.2%

Also in trade, the MHC posted the highest threshold with 86.2%, followed by 84.6% in the GMSSS, sector 16, and 82.6% in the GMSSS, sector 35. Like the MHC n not offer courses in the humanities, the highest threshold was posted by the GMSSS. , Sector 16, at 84.6%, followed by GMSSS, Sector 35, at 79.6% and 69% at both GMSSS Sector 19 and Sector 40.

Among vocational courses, the highest thresholds were for the Information Technology Web Application course. The highest cutoff for the course was 69.64% at GMSSS Sector 22, followed by 67.2% at GMSSS Sector 37B and 67% at GMSSS Sector 32.

As more students have applied for Class 11 admissions this year compared to previous years, the threshold has been reduced. Last year, the highest threshold for science was 96% at the GMSSS MHC. For Commerce it was 93.4% at the same school and for Humanities it was 90.6% at GMSSS Sector 16. This is commensurate with the drop in passing percentage this year, which is attributed to the fact that board exams are taking place offline compared to last year. when grades were awarded at the school level.

To reserve their place, students must pay their registration fee before August 22, 11:59 p.m. Students who did not receive a school during the first council can change their school and major preferences in their registration form and resubmit them to participate in the second council, the details of which will be notified by the department of UT Education.

No less than 19,068 applications were received against 13,570 places available in 42 public secondary schools in the city. By stream, 3,080 places are available in the two science streams, 1,980 in business and 6,720 in humanities. Approximately 1,790 places available for professional courses. Classes for class 11 students will start from August 23.

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