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Citrix created a web browser and lost its CEO.

According to a regulatory filing, in early October, the company’s board of directors appointed Robert M. Calderoni as interim CEO after David Henshall stepped down. The change was sudden and unexpected, but appears to have been friendly as Henshall continues to advise Calderoni.

The company is looking for a new CEO.

Henshall took over the grand presidency in 2017 and was at the helm as the company’s fortunes improved so much that activist investor Elliot Management left his seat on the board – a sign of confidence his goals had been achieved under the supervision of the CEO.

One of the former CEO’s initiatives was Citrix’s Workspaces, an advanced application publishing and security product aimed at providing remote access to on-premises and SaaS tools.

The new Citrix Workspace browser is derived from the open source Chromium browser engine and requires the presence of the Workspaces client.

“Launching any internally hosted web application or SaaS application with security policies from Citrix Workspace will trigger the Citrix Workspace browser,” says a Citrix article announcing the existence of the browser.

These policies can be enforced on a per-URL basis and allow things such as preventing screenshots for particular web applications, or preventing downloads or printing. Watermarks can also be applied to screens.

The browser is integrated with Citrix Secure Access zero-trust network access products, allowing it to access remote applications without users needing to run a VPN.

As a Chromium fork, the appearance of the browser differs very little from that of Google’s Chrome – arguably a deliberate choice to give Citrix Workspace users a familiar experience.

Citrix has posted a short video showing the many talents of the browser.

Youtube video

The browser is generally available and ships with Citrix Workspace app for Windows and macOS, starting with version 2109. ®


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