CES 2022 Live News & Analysis Day 5 – Samsung, BMW, LG, Picoo, Alienware and more


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What’s better than one hot CES product? Well let me tell you, that’s 20 of them. And that’s what we concocted from our hottest CES list, which is the who’s who of the show’s best stuff.

These aren’t the most important or hottest things – these are the things that got people talking, that we’re passionate about, and that the team debated at length to come up with this list.

In my opinion, the Sony Vision-S02 should have been there, because Sony could make a fucking car, but I was shouted in favor of a toothbrush. It’s a really exciting toothbrush, to be fair – it rivals the best toothbrushes we’ve ever reviewed and it hasn’t even been in a TechRadar mouth.

Check out our list and let us know about @techradar if you agree…

So who’s ready to be scared? There were a number of bots on display at CES this year, as always, and we went to find the best / scariest of them.

While most of them are clearly benign, and you can read all about them in this great summary, I’m going to focus on the dystopian nightmare they could create:

Ameca – Just watch the video above, it’s clear why this we are scary. The article says “don’t worry, it will be 10 years before something like this works among us”. THIS IS NOT LONG ENOUGH.

Hyundai’s Metamobility Concept – take a robot dog with you, hug your dog at home using virtual reality. Until the two become entangled in a horrific internet nightmare and you have to be absorbed into the Metaverse to save your dog, held captive by a virtual Zuckerberg.

Ham Amagami Ham – He looks cute, bites the finger, gets an OTA hack to make the mouth super strong, bites the finger.

See & Spray – Tractor can locate weeds with herbicide automatically, save 80% herbicide. Get an OTA hack to use the last 80% in your eyes.

Massage robotics – The robot’s fingers and arms can give you precise massage, guided by sensors, and you can save the pressure and friction levels on the cloud. Until the cloud is hacked and it crushes your back.

I realized that all of this is pretty unlikely with just a minimum of web security, which it probably is. Stay away from the robot tractors, just in case, okay?

Two children showing off Picoo controllers

(Image credit: Picoo)

It’s an interesting question, especially as someone who has a small child that I to know would either like that or be totally apathetic about it.

The Picoo “console” (a little over the top, it’s called that) was the one I mentioned in the intro, but we dug a little deeper and it looks pretty cool.

Basically spend $ 250 (around £ 180 / AU $ 350) and get four controllers and five game cards. The controllers are like PlayStation Move wands and allow kids to play zombie games (like tag, but your controller changes color when infected) or flashing when in hide-and-seek.

There are plenty of sensors in the controller that allow it to determine how it’s held, how close it is to others, etc., and beyond an app to configure, you don’t need much else.

These mentioned cards are scanned into the controllers and can communicate with other Picoo controllers through a radio network, and the system is expandable with additional controllers and games available for purchase.

The games are actually very reasonably priced, although the controllers are very expensive, around $ 5 (£ 3.50 / AU $ 7), a far cry from the high prices seen in actual console games.

Alienware X14 on a table next to a cactus or something

(Image credit: Avenir)

The Alienware X14 is one of the most popular laptops to emerge from CES this year, which is a curious thing – it’s a gaming laptop that sacrifices specs for portability, but doesn’t necessarily do a bad choice, as our American IT publisher Jackie Thomas highlights:

“The Alienware X14 is the most portable gaming laptop the luxury brand has ever released. From what it looks like, it won’t lose much in performance, but the limited spec options mean you really need to focus on the portability aspect. “

It’s limited to an RTX 3060, which tells you where it stands in the gaming spectrum – but like the rise of mobile gaming, it’s about a world where the hottest, most powerful consoles aren’t always there. the ones that interest people the most. .. and that looks pretty darn striking, too.

  • Practice: Alienware X14 review

Movano smart ring

(Image credit: Movano)

It happened late yesterday, so it’s definitely worth checking out again – portable devices from CES are gathered here.

In all fairness, these are basically just two reimagined Fossil Gen 6 smartwatches, a few new nuggets from Garmin, and smart rings.

In all fairness, that doesn’t give the full picture – by not being at the event in person, we weren’t able to flirt with the fitness pavilion, for example, and find the cool things that little brands do. propose. There could be some smart fitness bands or advanced face masks that won’t make their way to the media for a few weeks – or CES could have been just some kind of wet firecracker.

Either way, the Movano smart ring strikes me as the most exciting – grabbing some nice metrics and ways to make your data more accessible:

“The ring has an impressive list of capabilities, covering sleep monitoring, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration levels, temperature, blood oxygen readings, number of steps and calories burned – and the company promises the device is going to have more features over time, too.

These features, awaiting regulatory approval, will include monitoring blood sugar and blood pressure, which the smart rings have so far failed to achieve. The Movano device may well hit the sweet spot. in terms of price and functionality. “

The BMW iX Flow goes from white to black

(Image credit: BMW)

the noveto n1

(Image credit: Noveto)

It’s been one of our biggest stories over the past three days: headphones that are so invisible they’re not even there. CES in a nutshell.

This Noveto N1 soundbar will track your head in real time, using facial recognition to stay locked on you. It will then use beamforming, where it directs sound, to small audio pockets around your ears, meaning only you can hear the sound.

Is it useful or practical? Probably not – a pair of open-ear headphones could probably do the same. But it’s insanely cool, and if it works, it just might be the cornerstone of future offices – meaning the instant ability to chat with colleagues with a “secret” gig at the same time.

Samsung Eco remote control

(Image credit: Samsung)

It’s funny, the things that as a kid turn you on to growing up. Late at night, unlimited sugar intake, watching TV all day.

I still love doing all of these things, mind you – but what really turns me on these days is the boring adult stuff like remotes.

Not just any remotes – in particular, the newly announced Samsung SolarCell remote – and that was another of Day 2’s biggest stories.

Requiring no charging base, the remote uses solar and RF energy harvesting to charge wirelessly, meaning even your end table lamp can be part of the process. Savage.

a dog sitting on a keyboard

(Image credit: MarlyneArt / Pixabay)

Oh man can you to have more CES than a smart dog collar? Smart technology: check it out. Pet stuff: check it out. Something like something else but for dogs? To verify. It was one of our biggest stories yesterday, and I’m here for it.

This is Invoxia’s attempt to provide your dog with Apple Watch-worthy beauty, with the ability to track both respiration and heart rate, using GPs and accelerometers. as well as AI (another CES trend: check) to let you monitor your pooch’s health while making sure he’s not missing.

Ham Amagami Ham

(Image credit: Yukai Engineering)

OK, it’s time for the last push, as CES draws to a close. Unfortunately for this live blogger (and luckily for you readers), there is a lot more analysis and information to come from the TechRadar team, who managed to find all the really cool things in the game. broadcast despite his absence.

One of my favorite things so far, and probably all time, is the robot bear Amagami Ham Ham, which will nibble your finger like a pet, but without all the bacteria.

Shut your mouth, you are beautiful weird. Now, on to a few highlights from the previous days:

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