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Celebrity chef and restaurateur Gary Usher has sparked a debate over whether dogs should be allowed in pubs with his latest restaurant announcement.

Usher, who owns acclaimed restaurants such as Kala in Manchester city centre, Hispi in Didsbury and Sticky Walnut in Chester, has confirmed he is in the final stages of buying a derelict pub in Cheshire, which he will transform into the first of his group Elite Bistros. ‘gastro pub’.

Over the weekend he took to social media to reveal the pub in question is the former White Horse in Churton, with him tweeting: ‘I’m a terrible businessman because I can’t not shut up when i’m excited We are in the process of buying the White Horse Pub in Churton but it’s not finished.

“I always liked it there and it would be a dream for us to exploit it. The pub is beautiful and the area too. My mum and dad live a few minutes away so I know the area very well and walk my dog ​​Billy there with my mum and dad’s dog Rossa.”

Usher added that he was “absolutely aware” of the importance of the White Horse pub to the Churton community, and said his plans for the pub were not to “rip it up or change the way it looks”, but to serve ‘great drinks’ and ‘delicious unpretentious food by a team that loves what they do’.

And, when a social media user asked if the pub would accept dogs, Usher replied with a simple, “Of course!”

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However, despite the UK being a nation famous for its dogs, confirmation that Usher’s new pub is dog-friendly didn’t sit too well with many social media users, who were quick to criticize the chef for his “bad idea”.

One person wrote: “No thanks. Too many people think dogs in pubs are a good idea. Dogs are not people and should not be treated as such!

Another even went so far as to say he would rather ‘be starving and crawl to the next normal restaurant’ on his knees, writing: ‘Thanks for the warning. I’d rather starve and crawl to the next normal restaurant on my knees than eat from a dog-infested dump like yours. If you put animals before people, God knows what you’re doing in the kitchen! »

However, Usher didn’t back down on his dog-friendly approach, responding to some of those who opposed his views and telling them dogs would be “treated like royalty.”

He wrote: “If you don’t like dogs in pubs I would hesitate to come to one of ours. The dogs will be treated like royalty and I will most likely be found rolling around with them.

And, responding to the social media user who said they weren’t coming to his new pub, Usher sarcastically joked, “You’re about an 8 1/2 hour drive in a cab love, so I don’t think not that our survival depended on your order of fish & chips but thank you for your great contribution on Saturday morning [sic] X”.

However, many other people were professional dogs in the pubs, and many pointed out that dogs often behaved better than their human counterparts.

One social media user wrote, “I have 3 cafes, I allow dogs. I banned humans but never a dog. What if dogs had their own Twitter, what a great place it would be? The only thing they wouldn’t give a damn would be squirrels.

Another said: “The majority of people in the country eat with dogs or cats in the room. I can’t talk because I don’t like people letting kids scream in a restaurant. (But I’m not looking or moaning.)”

A third simply asked: ‘What’s a pub without a dog?’

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