AstraZeneca antibody injection can prevent and treat COVID


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AstraZeneca antibody injection can prevent and treat coronavirus, new study finds.

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has developed a treatment called AZD7442. The treatment consists of two antibodies. It is hoped that the drug can be used as a preventive treatment for the coronavirus. AZD7442 has been submitted to the United States Food and Drug Administration. AstraZeneca hopes the FDA will approve it for emergency use as a preventative treatment.

Data from the Tackle trial was released on Monday, October 11. The trial shows that, compared to a placebo, the treatment can prevent serious illness in mild to moderate coronavirus infections.

The majority of the trial participants had multiple health problems. They had a high risk of contracting severe COVID.

It is believed that the new treatment could help those who cannot get a regular coronavirus vaccine. It might also help those who haven’t responded well to existing jabs. People with health problems may also benefit from the treatment.

Hugh Montgomery is the Principal Investigator and Professor of Critical Care Medicine at University College London. He believes the treatment could help in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus.

Montgomery commented, “With cases of serious COVID-19 infections continuing around the world, there is a significant need for new therapies like AZD7442 that can be used to protect vulnerable populations from infection. COVID-19[female[feminine and can also help prevent progression to serious illness.

“These positive results show that a practical intramuscular dose of AZD7442 could play an important role in the fight against this devastating pandemic.”

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