As party leader, I take responsibility for the defeat of the party: Sukhbir Badal

With his party nearly decimated from the electoral scene, returning home with just three seats in the 117-member Assembly, Sukhbir Singh Badal said on Friday as Chairman of Shiromani Akali Dal, he takes responsibility for the rout of the centenarian party suffered the roundups. He said the party’s central committee will meet on March 14 to analyze the results of the poll.

“As chairman of the party, I take responsibility for the defeat. I was the one leading the force from the front, I consider it my moral duty to accept responsibility for the overall performance of the party instead of shifting responsibility to honest workers, candidates or alliance partners and conscientious of Akali. They all fought valiantly against an unprecedented wave. We did not expect these results as we worked the hardest this time…I accept the decision of the masses as the voice of God,” Sukhbir said.

The Aam Aadmi party staged a resounding victory in Punjab on Thursday, winning a three-quarters majority pulverizing its rivals. The elections have dealt a blow to the Akali Dal, who has ruled the state on several occasions, as Sukhbir and his father Parkash Singh Badal, five-time chief minister, have fallen by the wayside.

Sukhbir said a meeting of the party’s central committee and all party candidates was called on Monday. The meeting will discuss and analyze the survey results. “There may be flaws, which we couldn’t see or couldn’t understand,” he said.

Following his father’s defeat, Sukhbir said the Akali boss’ policy never remained dependent on victory or defeat, nor on becoming the chief minister. “He is a selfless leader who has dedicated his life to the service of Punjab,” Sukhbir said, adding that “the job of the army is to fight and we will not sit idly by after losing…”
Commenting on the landslide victory of the AAP, he said the people of Punjab had entrusted them with a great responsibility. He assured that as a responsible opposition, his party will extend full cooperation to the waiver of the AAP in matters relating to safeguarding the interests of Punjab. As Punjab is a border state, they will extend all required cooperation so that peace and mutual brotherhood are maintained, he added.

“As a responsible panthic party committed to Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabia, the Akali Dal will go the extra mile to support the new CM to promote the welfare and prosperity of Punjabis and to defend the interests of the state in religious, economic, territorial and river waters problems,” Sukhbir said.

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