“And just like that” episode 5 recap: painfully hip

In that vein, Miranda’s sexual fluidity is a bold story to tell. This isn’t just because a sexual arousal in her 40s is such a big thing, but also because we rarely see a story where a mature woman has to face the fact that she’s got everything she’s got. always asked and she doesn’t want it. .

Cynthia Nixon is uniquely placed to tell this story. Like her character, she was once married to a man with whom she had children, but later became homosexual. Sara Ramirez, who plays Che, was also in a heterosexual marriage and became bisexual, and later non-binary, identifying herself as neither exclusively female nor male. Ramirez, who uses non-binary pronouns, separated from their husband earlier this year.

Perhaps it is Nixon and Ramirez’s ability to identify so closely with their characters’ experiences that makes such a compelling love scene between them. It’s exciting and erotic, especially since this is the first time in this series that we see any of these characters having actual sex. It seems essential to include this on a show that promises to feature full narratives of older women. As a viewer, I was caught in the thrill of where this could all go until Carrie brought Miranda back to earth, reminding her that she is married.

At this point, we find out that Miranda is grappling with more than just an attraction to Che. “I’m miserable,” she said through the chokes. She hates her marriage, hates her life and feels trapped.

It’s a story made all the more gripping because of the character’s age. At this point, Miranda has been married for two decades, and the toll that comes from removing so much from herself for so long – especially, lately, because of alcohol – is palpable. Miranda finally considers alcohol consumption as a band-aid and throws her hiding place in the sewers.

But there is an antidote to all this late bereavement, which we see through Rose’s prism. Charlotte and Harry’s 12-year-old daughter is not wasting years. She doesn’t identify as a girl (or at least only as a girl), and in this episode she starts calling herself Rock and using the them / them pronouns.

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