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Two weeks ago I received a letter from the police stating that my car was listed as uninsured in the Automobile Insurance Database (MID).

My AA insurance policy renewed in May. Since the letter from the police, AA Insurance has been unable to get my car added to the database. He helpfully told me that I could take my insurance documents with me in case I was stopped by the police. What will happen is that my car will again be picked up by Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras and I will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

I got no response from the AA Complaints Department. I am a key worker and have to limit myself to routes where there are no ANPR cameras. It affects my work, my life and my mental health.

PS, Stroud, Gloucestershire

AA’s negligence has left you in a potentially serious situation. The MID registers all insured vehicles and is used by the police and the DVLA to identify uninsured and stolen vehicles. Those not in the database can be seized and the owner will receive a fixed penalty notice of £100 and possibly penalty points.

The Department of Transport requires that 95% of passenger cars be added to the register within seven days of the start of a policy. By the time my intervention awoke AA, more than 12 weeks had passed.

The company blamed a “minor error in the data stream” that “delayed” the download. It’s not sufficient. You contacted them every day for two weeks after the police warning. When I alerted the press office, your car was added the next day.

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