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KOCHI: When building your dream home, one of the hardest things is to define the design concepts well. And often, customers may dislike the final design and request further modifications. To avoid such confusion, a group of young people from a Kollam-based startup, White Pebbles Construction Tech Private Limited, designed a web application, BrickAr.com, to help clients get a better visualization of their dream home. .

White Pebbles is one of two startups in the state that has been selected for IIM Kashipur’s incubation program. About 1,200 startups from across the country participated in the program.
BrickAr.com provides a virtual reality-based platform for architects, designers and contractors to showcase their work to clients. It allows easy access and better means of communication between clients and service providers.

“For example, a client wants to build a house on his land. Once the customer enters the location in the web app and selects a plan that fits their budget, they can virtually walk around that house. Using virtual reality, BrickAr helps clients get a real-time experience of their proposed project at the design stage itself and explore various combinations which in turn provide an appropriate cost estimate, ”said Abraham Varghese. , Founder and CEO of White Pebbles.

During the virtual reality presentation, the client gets a precise idea of ​​the construction stages and the materials required at each stage. Cost-based entry details reduce the burden on customers and help them plan within their budget. “BrickAr can also be used when building commercial establishments and offices,” says Abraham. The co-founders are Neetu George, Bibin M Panicker, Anoop Joy, Akhil S Raju and Aby O Panicker.

The team says that currently only 2D images of the designs are available to customers. However, BrickAr helps customers save 10% in costs, avoid design communication delays, cost overruns, and resolve any mismatches in expectations. “Currently the product is under development and more features will be included to make the product more accessible,” Abraham said.

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