9 Jedi you should know in Star Wars: the High Republic


Powerful guardians of peace and justice. The loyal protectors of an entire galaxy. People with flaws and fears? Absoutely. The Jedi of the High Republic were not stoic superheroes – even though they were capable of some amazing things – but were challenged by the same apprehensions and doubts everyone in the galaxy feels. Faced with formidable threats from the Nihil and Drengir, these Jedi found strength and guidance in the Force and from each other.

Get to know these nine Padawans, Knights and Jedi Masters as they fight for the fate of the galaxy in Star Wars: The High Republic.

Warning: spoilers for the first phase of The High Republic follow.

1. Avar Kriss

The Force sang for Jedi Master Avar Kriss. Avar felt the Force like a melody; his beats and rhythms warned him of any danger nearby. She had a unique ability to sense the bonds between Force users. This connection that allowed her to feel all the Jedi within reach, to connect them to each other and to remain aware of their presence. A Jedi never felt alone when touched by this bond. After playing a vital role in saving millions of lives in the Hetzal System, Avar was assigned to Starlight Beacon Station as a Marshal.

Compassionate and unfazed, Avar was a model of the Jedi Order. She wielded a green bladed lightsaber with gold accents and a cross on her hilt.

Zettifar bell

2. Zettifar bell

Young Padawan Bell Zettifar was stationed on Elphrona with his master, Loden Greatstorm. Loden expected a lot from his student, and Bell trained hard under his watchful but kind eye. After the Force reunited Bell with a hunting dog named Ember, the two became steadfast companions for life. Bell was determined and thoughtful and trusted the Force.

Bell’s lightsaber had a silver switch and a hilt with a black and gold tip. Its blade was green. He sees the Force as a flame that can smolder like hot coals or burst into hell.

Elzar Mann

3. Elzar Mann

Jedi Master Elzar Mann was a close friend of Avar Kriss and Stellan Gios. His approach to the Force was unconventional; he never liked to use the Force twice in the same way. Elzar believed in always finding a solution. Humans have explored their abilities and the Force itself as an experiment. It failed at times, but it also revealed a new understanding of Force and Order.

Elzar was smart and sympathetic. He saw the Force as an ocean within him, deep and endless, in which all things swam. He carried a lightsaber with a blue blade.

Keeve Trennis

4. Keeve Trennis

Upbeat and independent Jedi Knight Keeve Trennis was once the Padawan of Jedi Master Sskeer. Keeve found solace and peace in the Force, though she couldn’t help but swear every now and then when surprised or frustrated. The young human struggled with uncertainty at times, but her steadfast faith in the Force guided her on her journey.

Keeve was so adept with her green double-bladed lightsaber that she used it in both its single-bladed and double-bladed form.

Great Loden Storm

5. Great Loden Storm

Loden Greatstorm was a venerable Jedi Master Twi’lek who took Bell Zettifar under his wing. Loden was a talented pilot and a wise teacher with a playful streak. He pushed his Padawan – sometimes literally – to discover something new about himself and the Force whenever an opportunity presented itself. “If I do everything,” Loden liked to say, “nobody learns anything.

Loden’s lightsaber glowed in golden yellow light. He handled it with precision.

Lula Talisola

6. Lula Talisola

Lula Talisola was a human Padawan assigned to the cruiser Star hopper alongside his best friends Farzala and Qort. The hardworking student trained with the noble goal of becoming the greatest Jedi, and she excelled in her studies. However, she had doubts about herself and her abilities due to her inexperience. When the Force brought her to Trymant IV, she rose to the challenge and found a new friend.

Lula’s inconspicuous lightsaber emitted a bright blue blade.

Réath Silas

7. Réath Silas

Excitation. Adventure. Reath Silas certainly did not craving these things but ended up in the middle of the two. The Padawan would have happily spent his days in the Jedi Archives if the Force had no other plans for him. Once his master, Jora Malli, decided that she wanted him to experience life on the frontier of the galaxy, nothing would be the same.

The Padawan’s lightsaber had a green crystal encrusted in the hilt. Reath may not have sought out ruthless enemies and deadly dangers, but he faced them with genuine bravery and intelligence.

Day of Life Treasure - Work of Jedi Master Stellan

8. Stellar Gios

Jedi Masters Stellan Gios, Elzar Mann, and Avar Kriss had been inseparable during their time as Padawans. They stayed close even as they rose through the ranks of the Jedi Order. Stellan may have seemed more distant than his friends, but he was respected and had a passion for teaching, mentoring and learning. Stellan was also strikingly beautiful.

With her blessing, Padawan Vernestra Rwoh of Stellan endured and passed her Jedi trials at the age of fifteen.

His blue-bladed lightsaber used a cross guard with beams of blue light.

Vernestra Rwoh

9. Vernestra Rwoh

Vernestra Rwoh was one of the youngest Jedi Knights in the history of the Republic. She passed her tests on the first try at the age of fifteen. This was a rarity for the Jedi, who were usually still apprenticing to a master at this age. Instead, Vernestra took a Padawan of her own, Imri, who was almost the same age. She wasn’t particularly good at the Force, but Vernestra was tenacious and an exemplary hard worker. Teenage Mirialan was also kind and empathetic.

Vernestra’s lightsaber was unique not only because of its purple blade; the Force also guided her by modifying her to use it as a light and flexible whip.

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