5 Free Resume Builders to Create Unlimited Resumes Without Watermark

The internet is full of free resume builders with unique features. But go deeper inside, and some online resume makers will charge you to upload the resume or put a watermark on it. Others limit the number of downloads, and a few limit the number of times you can edit it. And then there is the issue of privacy. It’s annoying and unfair.

Luckily, some great free resume builders don’t have such hidden agendas. Instead, they’ll walk you through with resume writing tips, use AI to optimize your resume for job descriptions, and even let you create a full profile on your phone.

1. Wozber (Web): Guided Resume Builder with Resume Writing Tips

Wozber is a resume builder that will guide you on how to fill your resume with the best resume writing tips

Wozber is a step-by-step web application that guides you through writing a resume and cover letter that recruiters will notice. You can choose from 20 different templates, customize the look of each, and create multiple resumes in your profile.

The app breaks down a CV into seven essential categories to fill out: personal information, experience, education, skills, languages, certificates and a summary. As you begin to fill in any section of each category, the sidebar offers top resume writing tips to help you understand what to write and how to write it. For example, when listing accomplishments, using verbs to start sentences and quantifying them with results is a tried-and-true tactic.


Wozber also includes built-in ATS (Applicant Tracking System) optimization software. Add a job description to that, and it will check if your resume is likely to be selected by an ATS system. However, this feature only offers three free ATS scans and you will have to pay to use more.

But there are no such hidden restrictions on how you download resumes from the app. You can even customize them before doing so to save a perfectly formatted PDF.

2. Responsive Resume (Web): Free and Privacy-Friendly Resume Builder

Reactive Resume is a privacy-friendly online resume builder with pre-loaded samples

Reactive Resume is one of the best resume makers online to create a simple, beautiful, and shareable resume. The app places great importance on privacy, emphasizing that your data will always be yours. It’s also ad-free and lets you create multiple resumes in one profile. You can try it out without signing up, but if you want to save your bio data for the future, you’ll need to sign in.

The app offers six basic templates, which you can customize with fonts, colors, and specialized elements. You can change the position of each element according to the “block” placed in it and is completely customizable. The app lets you upload a demo resume to get an idea of ​​what you can do and get inspired to make your resume shine.

Reactive Resume supports importing your current resume data from a JSON file or from LinkedIn. Moreover, you can export your finished CV in PDF format, without watermark or restriction; and export it as a JSON file.

The app creates a URL for each resume so you can share it online with anyone. When you update your resume, the link updates automatically.

3. Coffee Code Club (Web): Simple and Customizable Resume Builder Without Registration

Coffee Code Club is a free, simple, no-signup and customizable online resume builder

If you want to quickly create a simple and simple resume to share with someone, you can’t go wrong with Coffee Code Club. You won’t even need to spend time creating an account; you can do everything anonymously, which is pretty good if you’re sensitive about sharing your private data online.

The app contains the usual fields you’ll see in any resume builder, such as profile and objective, experience, education, and additional information. Coffee Code Club supports the Markdown language (guidance is provided if you are unfamiliar with Markdown).

You’ll see a live preview of your resume as you fill in the information. There’s only one pattern here, but it’s standard and universally accepted. Once you’re done, download it in PDF format and you’re good to go. If you sign up for Coffee Code Club, you can save your resume for later and create multiple resumes.

4. ResumeMaker.Online (Web): Simple, mobile-friendly resume builder

ResumeMaker.Online is a mobile-friendly online resume builder to create a resume on your phone

Many online resume makers are designed for desktop browsers, so ResumeMaker.Online (RMO) is a refreshing change with its mobile-friendly interface. You can create your full resume from your phone.

The CV itself is pretty basic but includes some nice features. You can enable and disable items, such as contact details or date of birth or nationality. You can also choose to display your skills as a simple line or with circles or bars to indicate skill levels. You can choose the font style, size, and colors and download a free PDF when you’re ready.

RMO does not require any registration and you can start filling in the details immediately. If you want to save your CV for later, it will be downloaded as a local file to your computer, which you can load when you revisit the website. No information is stored online on RMO’s servers.

5. Rhubarb (Web, Chrome): AI-generated resumes tailored to job postings

Rhubarb gives AI suggestions to improve your CV and adapts it to job descriptions

Companies are using AI to scan your resumes with ATS, so why shouldn’t you use AI to fight back? Rhubarb is a free online resume builder that populates your resume with intelligent machine learning suggestions, then customizes your resume to match any online job posting.

Rhubarb will walk you through every step of creating a resume (or importing from your LinkedIn) with an auto-complete feature. This autocomplete lets you enhance existing bullet points in your resume by suggesting things to say that recruiters are looking for. For each point in your CV, Rhubarb will offer you three options from which you can choose and even modify. Take the AI ​​as a starting point for getting suggestions on how to improve your resume, then personalize it with your own words.

Currently, the Chrome extension works with Indeed, Greenhouse, Lever, Workable, and LinkedIn. It will analyze any job posting on these websites and import it into your Rhubarb account, then match your skills and qualifications to the job description. You can even manually select the items that match and modify them to create a personalized CV for this application.

Ultimately, you’ll get a CV tailored to a particular application by picking and choosing the points from your larger CV that matter for that job. It’s sure to grab your recruiter’s attention while beating ATS bots.

To download: Rhubarb for Chrome (Free)

How long should your resume be?

You now have the free online tools to create a CV, but you decide how long this CV lasts. As a general rule, a CV should never exceed two pages, and the jury is out on whether a one-page CV is better or a two-page CV.

The best advice for this comes from The Daily Muse, who says your goal should be to try and get everything on one page. However, once you have edited, reduced and redesigned the page to the best of your ability, then and only then can you move on to the second page.

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