4th incentive check: $ 2,000 / month for each American



The claims a fourth dunning check have increased in recent weeks, and it now appears that some Democrats in Congress are backing a plan that would see some Americans get $ 2,000 until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

More … than 2.6 million people have now signed a Change.org petition calling for Joe bidengovernment to provide aid to Americans in the form of a fourth round of dunning checks, which would see some citizens receiving $ 2,000 a month to ensure that the effects of COVID-19 are not felt so noticeably by the public.

It would be different from the previous one dunning checks, But. the third dunning check, for example, saw some Americans receive a one-time payment of $ 1400. Now there are more and more calls to $ 2,000 monthly stimulus check be made available until the economy begins to recover.

“We need $ 2,000 recurring checks until the pandemic is over. I joined Tim Ryan, Michael Tubbs, Stephanie Bonin and Natalie Foster in pushing for $ 2,000 recurring payments for Americans until the end of the pandemic. ‘that the economy is fully recovered,’ tweeted US Representative Ilhan Omar.

American public wants more stimulus checks

The Change.org petition calling for more support from the US government in the form of dunning checks to the goal of reaching three million signatures, which the website reveals would make it one of the most signed petitions in its history.

“We need immediate checks and recurring payments to be able to keep our heads above water,” one of the creators of the petitions, Stéphanie Bonin, told Newsweek.

Will it happen?

As the U.S. economy continues to suffer from COVID-19 and its attendant measures, there are fears that additional stimulus payments could push up the prices of basic consumer goods. Therefore, despite increasing pressure on the government to provide another infusion of funds, this may not be feasible at this time, especially without legislation that would see a fourth check materialize. However, that does not mean that such a possibility has been ruled out.

Reasons to be optimistic

There is a group of Senate Democrats, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who are considering sending a letter to US President Joe Biden asking him to consider introducing monthly dunning checks to support the American public until the COVID-19 pandemic is well under control.

“We urge you to include recurring direct payments and automatic UI extensions linked to economic conditions in your long-term Build Back Better economic plan,” reads the letter from the senators.

“This crisis is far from over, and families deserve the confidence that they can put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Families should not be at the mercy of legislative timetables constantly evolving and ad hoc solutions. “

Although the $ 2,000 figure is not explicitly mentioned in the letter, some of the senators behind the letter have supported the idea of ​​$ 2,000 stimulus checks in the past.

An Urban Institute study cited in the letter highlights the need for additional financial assistance in the form of a fourth dunning check by declaring that another one-time stimulus check of $ 1,200, in addition to improved unemployment insurance and other aids, could help keep 12 million Americans out of poverty, while a second payment may allow another 6.3 million Americans to stay above the poverty line.

Reasons to be pessimistic

The U.S. government has flagged other forms of financial assistance it plans to provide afterdunning checks, with the Child tax credit increase and the American Family Plan.

In addition, the US economy is already starting to show signs of recovery, and as a result, some members of the government might be in favor of a larger offer of financial assistance in the form of a fourth dunning check.

Although it is possible that a fourth dunning check may not happen, Joe Biden’s government could still be forced to some changes. For example, they can make the decision to Child tax credit lift a permanent measure, they could increase the minimum wage, and they could renew federal unemployment benefits beyond 2021.


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