41% Discount on Lifetime Subscriptions for Scaffold Hub Development Plans


Today’s highlighted deal is the Apps & Software section of the Neowin Deals store, where can I 41% Discount on Lifetime Subscriptions for Scaffold Hub Development Plans.. Start building your own application with this comprehensive JavaScript / Typescript web application builder.

ScaffoldHub is a full featured javascript / typed web application generator for javascript / typed developers. You can use modeling tools to create projects or applications and preview them online. “Download Source Code” means that you may download and use the source code, subject to the ScaffoldHub license. ScaffoldHub also comes with API documentation, authentication, security, audit logs, forms, lists, filters and many other features. If a developer takes two months to develop and test all of these features and costs $ 60 an hour, ScaffoldHub can save over $ 19,000.

  • Modeling tool. Model your application exactly as you need it, using custom entities, relationships, fields and validations
  • Preview your project online. No need to download and install the project skin
  • Full battery application. Secure NodeJS Backend and Database Using REST API with ExpressJS
  • Multi-tenant or single-tenant. Create a multi-tenant app or use it as a single tenant
  • SQL or MongoDB. Sequelize uses PostgreSQL or MySQL, or Mongoose uses MongoDB, supported by a secure NodeJS server
  • Payments and subscriptions. Webhooks, checkouts, customer portals, everything you need to manage your workspace subscriptions
  • API documentation. All API endpoints are automatically documented using the Swagger UI
  • Authentication. Integrated authentication with login, registration, password change, password recovery and email verification
  • Security and authority. Restrict access to specific features of your application
  • Email notifications and invitations. Integrated emails for invitations, password confirmations, and password resets using SendGrid
  • Audit log. All actions are recorded and users authorized[監査ログ]You can inspect the action on the page
  • Internationalization. You can translate the entire app just by adding the I18n dictionary file
  • Forms, lists and filters. Each entity defined in the modeling tool has its own form, list and filter
  • Download files. Download and play secure files from Google Cloud Storage, Amazon AWS S3, and even localhost
  • Compatible with mobiles. Looks great on computers and mobile devices
  • The latest technology. The scaffolding is constantly updated to adapt to the latest version of the technology used.

ScaffoldHub: Developer plan

  • Access to modeling tools
  • Create unlimited projects
  • Lifetime Access
  • Preview your project online
  • Access to your private GitHub repository
  • Download unlimited source code

The operations are as follows:

A lifetime subscription to the ScaffoldHub development plan usually costs $ 187, but you can receive it Only $ 109.99 for a limited timeThat’s a savings of $ 77.01 (41% off). Click on the links below for detailed instructions, specifications and licensing information.

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41% Discount on Lifetime Subscriptions for Scaffold Hub Development Plans

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